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Thread: Ashley Simpson On SNL

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    I'm rubbernecking it too, Sleepy.

    What I want to know is, is she totally pissed at this drummer or what? Will he ever be able to keep his job after hitting the wrong button? Or...was he just part of a vast conspiracy against Ashlee Simpson?
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    When Eminem was on last week he too lip-sanc but I guess it didn't make headlines.

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    he didn't lip-synch, exactly. He just rapped over the track that the dj was playing. you could clearly hear his voice over the song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    My work computer won't let me see the damn thing.. arghhh!!!!

    But I did find this...

    The "wtf dance".

    Oh my, . Maveno, you are such a trip. That is truly hilarious.
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    I feel bad for her although I find her very annoying.

    I'd really LOVE to see J-ho get busted. THAT would be good. This kid I felt bad for. I think her father pushes her.

    Jennifer Lopez .....now that would be good.....

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    I didn't know where else to put this, but since its about the train wreck known as Ashlee Simpson......

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned her latest scandal...the video tape of her rude diva behavior in McDonalds. I read about in my US Weekly but I know MSN has a video clip of her as well. Apparently Miss Ashlee is too big for her britches. She climbed on top of the counter at McD's one night after partying and she was apparently very drunk. When the employee told her to get down, Ashlee piped off that there were plenty of people that would pay money to kiss her feet.

    When another customer refused to kiss her foot, she told them to go to H*** (or something like that...my memory can be bad )

    When will she be bumped down several notches?
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