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Thread: The Who's Townshend Says 'I'm Not a Pedophile'

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    This reminds me of something else...

    What was it again?

    I did not inhale
    or how about
    That depends on what your definition of "Is" is
    I've heard OF The Who (How can you NOT hear of them?) but don't think I've ever heard their music and known it

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    Originally posted by John
    You don't know who The Who is? He's the guitarist.
    OK, I've heard of the Who. They're like an old rock band or something. I've never heard of Townshend & don't think I know any Who songs...unless they've been recycled for Pepsi or Reebok commercials.

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    What artist hasn't? (The Pepsi commercials, that is)

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    I heard that he was arrested because they found camera equipment and other stuff. So, he's been making and selling child pornography!

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    I would have been more inclined to believe him, except he had to throw in the obligatory comment that "he believed he was sexually abused as a child but could not remember clearly what happened. " Uh, sorry, but when you go through something that traumatic, you *know* it

    amazing how the mind can protect and block things out. Selective memory can be a life saver.
    I believe him.

    Thanks for the story John

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    Update on this case - no formal charges have been filed, although he was cautioned and placed on a sex offender registry.

    The Who's Pete Townshend Cautioned Over Child Porn

    51 minutes ago

    Add Entertainment - Reuters to My Yahoo!

    LONDON (Reuters) - British rock star Pete Townshend (news), arrested in January during a high-profile crackdown on Internet child porn, will be placed on a register of sex offenders after being formally cautioned on Wednesday, police said.

    Police said a four-month inquiry by a special Child Protection Group found the 57-year-old guitarist from The Who visited a Web site containing child abuse images in 1999 -- but did not download any images.

    "He has fully cooperated with the investigation and the decision to caution was made in line with police policy," London police said in a statement.

    A police spokesman said a DNA sample would be taken from Townshend and he would be listed on the national Sex Offenders Register for five years.

    Townshend, who believes he was abused as a child, publicly admitted viewing child pornography but said it was purely for research purposes.

    The singer admitted using his credit card to access one site but argued he was merely carrying out research for a future book.

    But police said that it was not a defense to access such images for research or out of curiosity.

    Townshend was the highest-profile figure arrested in a nationwide crackdown on Britons suspected of illegally accessing Internet porn sites. Police involved in the investigation, code-named Operation Ore, have so far made more than 1,000 arrests.

    Among The Who's many hits was the track "Fiddle About," which dealt with the issue of child abuse.

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