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Thread: Future One Hit Wonders

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenTheSurvivah!
    I have another one to add to the list.

    "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

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    Darkness reminded me of Twisted Sister (showing my age). They were a one hit wonder and so are Darkness imo. I agree with Eamon as well, great novelty song but the end of his career.

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    Who should be a One-Hit-Wonder?

    Does your stomach turn every time a performer you can't stand releases a new hit album and everyone raves about it, while you're trying to figure out why they haven't dropped off the face of the earth yet?

    Then this thread is for you.

    Name a band or performer you wish would be a one-hit-wonder, but isn't. Also, include the song you think should have been their one and only hit. This isn't limited to recent artists. Anyone could be on the list, from Elvis to Elton.

    Examples: Bye Bye, Backstreet Boys
    Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet
    Faith, George Michael

    Full disclosure: I got this idea from Michael Berube (www.michaelberube.com).
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    Ashlee Simpson (who should be a no-hit wonder) will not be a one-hit wonder because her dad will do whatever it takes to pimp her out into the public eye as often as humanly and inhumanly possible, even if it means more public humiliation at her expense. As they say, there is no such thing as bad press.

    Its sad to watch her reality show and see her being a typical teen and getting her hair cut and having her mom hovering around in the background worrying "what will your dad say?!?" and not in a typical mom worrying about what a typical dad would say about his typical teenage daughter getting a strange hair cut. You could tell it was all about how much rage he would react with regarding how any changes to her look may affect the image, the marrionette puppet that he worked so hard to sell the the public.

    Dont get me wrong - I dont like her as the prefabricated performer that she is - but I applaud her for at least trying to break away from the mold he has put her in and break out of the box.

    And I also admire her for providing a better image for teenage girls than did her predecesors. She at least seems to 'want' to be her own person - depsite the string pulling of dad and seems to believe her worth is more than her ability to be a pole dancing Lolita - which cannot be said of those who recently proceeded her in pop-princess stardom.

    Id like to see her totally break away from dad and see what she can produce being totally her own person. It just might be something to behold.
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