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Thread: Favorite Parts of Songs

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    Favorite Parts of Songs

    Ok, I think I might be a little weird in this, because I haven't really seen others share as much enthusiasm I have with specific parts of songs. There are some songs (most good, some just ok) that have parts in them that, to me, are much better than the rest of the song. While listening to the song and that part comes up, I will often rewind it to the start of that particular part to listen to it again...

    Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else does this at all and if so what are your songs and parts? Here are some of mine:

    The Strokes - Reptilia (1:14-1:50)
    Cake - Open Book (3:02-3:20)
    Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (00:40-1:04)
    The Beatles - The End (00:20-00:34)
    Coldplay - Daylight (4:00-End)
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    The only reason I'm not more enthusiastic about my favorite parts of songs is because I never thought to record the exact time in which they run. Give me a day or two and I'll be back with a list.

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    Ok, this is going to sound really wierd, but on B.E.P's "Let's Get Retarded/It Started", the only part that I play it over and over for is Apl. De. Ap's part. I just love it

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    When I was a teenager I thought the guitar solo on Jethro Tull's Aqualung was the most moving, best guitar solo I had ever heard. And I love the riff on Jimi Hendrix version of All Along the Watchtower - you know, where he slides the note down & then back up. Psychedelic!

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    I've only really rewound parts of a song to hear them again for one song:

    Politik - Coldplay: 4:10-end of song
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    The first ten seconds of "Badge" by Cream. Of course, I love that entire song, it's probably one of my favorite Cream songs ever, but damn it, I will repeat the start over and over again like a crazy person just for that killer bass line!
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    Ok, Hilary Duff is my guilty pleasure (SHH I THINK SHE'S GREAT), and as of right now, this is the only song I can think of.

    On "Come Clean", 2:45-2:49. I love that part of the song and I'll listen to the entire song just to hear those few seconds.

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    "The Crowing" by Coheed and Cambria, 5:18-5:40. So good. And they were awesome at this year's Warped Tour.

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    I can't get that specific, but I do love a good strong bassline In particular, old DuranDuran stuff, any New Order (love you Peter Hook), and U2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    ... any New Order ...
    I love, love, love the opening 30 seconds of Bizarre Love triangle and Regret.
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