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Thread: Why Do People Like These Songs???

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I regret that I sound so judgemental in my first post. Music is incredibly subjective, so it's okay to love whatever resonates with you, whatever it may be,

    Snowflake hit the nail on the head. Music is subjective. For all you complain about Nelly or Usher or anyone, there's someone there to defend them to the death, relatively speaking. You have to realize that whether or not you like the song that's on the radio, there are enough people for the station to play it. Granted they play it over and over, but there's always someone who will request it.

    Also, you have to take into account demographics and whatnot. Pre-teens are going out and buying these horrible albums like the Duffs, maybe because of local pop stations, maybe not, but when kids go out and buy albums it only makes stations play these songs more. It's a vicious cycle, and a majority of people are alienated because of this. Let me parallel for a second, for those of you old enough, remember the boy band revolution of 1999? I remember listening to the local Boston hip-hop station and they would have a large amounts of these songs -- to appeal to the female listener -- and at the same time alienating 99% of the male listeners. By MTV, MTV2, Fuse, your local stations, etc... playing stuff like the Duffs leads to two things - severe shift in people who are watching/listening to the respective station and ....more notably.... leads record executives to play copy cat. Example- again, 98.... Brittany comes out, and within six months we have Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson. Coincidence, i think not.... So these people who really, in all actuality have no buisness opening their mouths are getting major label record deals here, thus the scene getting played to death. It's happened in the past- grunge, alternative, nu-metal, pop-punk, emo-punk, and even rap. I forget who made the comments on who likes what- but what it comes down to is Kids Bop. Covering groups like Outkast and Good Charlotte and ______ (insert pop group here) and marketing it to like six year olds....Also Is it a coincidence that all these big-name tours are shutting down to lack of sales? There's only so many times a kid can go see Milli Vanilli Spears.
    It's ironic, i live in the NYC market and on occation i flip to one of the hip-hop stations on my way to work and i hear "music is suffering" then they play the same three or four songs every hour. It's almost ironic. DJs and the public are at the mercy of programming directors.

    Case in Point: William Hung. There's no way in hell he should have sold one album let alone 35,000. That right there shows what's wrong with the music industry...

    Somewhere in this long rant is a decent thought....Don't like what they're playing? Change the channel, play a CD, or play nothing at all.

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    I for one cannot stand that Milkshake song. I heard it again today, who knows why they are still playing it, and I ran away crying. I also do not like Avril Lavigne but have respect for her because she writes her own lyrics...unlike many people.

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    I agree, Stop all bad singers like Lindsay and Hillary!

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    I love hilarys duff music, so Good Charlotte,...simple plan...
    I love the song Shallow Water...
    ok bye

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    I am not as big fan of Beyonce. I'm sorry I think she is the most overrated singer out there today. Besides Carrie Underwwod.

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    Jason from Miss Seventeen; such a loser 0_o

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    I rarely listen to radio anymore. Instead I make my own "rotation" on my iPod. That way I can leave the garbage like Britney, Good Charlotte and yes, R.Kelly (have you ever heard the Closet Song, or whatever the hell that is? ), where they belong...
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    We all have our guilty pleasures don't we? Mainstream music isn't bad ALL the time; some people just don't have the time to look for acutal "good" music and end up listening to the radio. But the thing I hate the most is that people criticize people for the type of music they like.

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    I simply can't stand that Blackeyed Peas song, My Humps. Or Shakira's Hips don't lie or whatever the hell it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    I actually love this song, but then my best friend and I have always joked about my propensity for liking men that sound like prepubescent little boys (Vince Gill, Michael W. Smith, etc..)

    I also don't listen to the radio unless I find a no repeat station. I hate hearing the same song over and over... hate having the enjoyment ruined for me. And I grew out of the MTV watching habit years ago, around the time when they relegated videos to only 20% of the content. Now I only go there for The Real World.

    Boy do I feel old. I remember when they were all videos all the time.
    Revolutionary! We didn't know WHAT had hit us!

    I have XM radio in the car. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Would not go back to regular radio for anything. Great channels, no repeats and the classic rock channel actually plays a HUGE variety of classic rock and not just the same 40 songs over and over. I've heard songs on there, I KNOW I haven't heard in 20 years.

    LOVE my XM!!!!!
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