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Thread: Alanis Morissette, Ryan Reynolds Engaged

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    I miss teeny bopper Alanis. Anyone who thinks Britney Spears is trash hasn't heard "Too Hot". It's definately an.. interesting (read scary) listen.

    Anyhue.. congrats Alanis.. your hubby is hot!

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    here is disco Alanis

    The rest of the world knows her as this edgy songstress while we all watched her get green goop poured on her head weekly from the age of about 12. Canada's big secret.

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    I've seen a video clip of "disco Alanis" performing at a half-time of a CFL game or something in a large outdoor stadium on VH-1 "Before They Were Stars" and it was 'different'. But that was my only exposure prior to that photo.

    Love the 80's hair though and the Brook Shields eyebrows.

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    mike lou


    I think she is totally ugly . I don't understand why Ryan would want to get with her . In some of her recent close up photos , she looks old around the eyes . Her music use to be pretty good and now it sucks . She's all washed up . Ryan is way to hot for her . I saw a photo of them together and they didn't look good together , at all . My friends and I think she looks like a transsexual ,(male to female ) . Ryan you could have done much better then that .
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