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Thread: Paris Hilton and Nick Carter: Will It Last??

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    Audiomaster I can't stand Usher my damn self.

    This so called Paris Nick carter thing is a joke. I can lokk at the girl,why I can even get into the show,but what I can;t get into is all these "matchups".Do people relly get caught up in to all this crap? Will it last ,man I got more seriuos things to worry about like how long will these overinflated gas prices last ,man. Later for Nick Carter . I bet he don't even look good in a dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    Can't be bothered. A perfect match in hell to me, and seriously, they're like an amazingly perfect atrocious couple !

    Probably by next year people will ask, "who is Nick Carter?" and the answer will be "Aaron's brother".
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    To be honest, I was not even aware they were a couple until I saw this thread.

    I've never had a problem with Nick Carter, he seems pretty normal and not a conceited star, i have seen him interviewed and he seems like a nice enough guy, appreciative of his luck at acheiving fame based on good looks and a passable voice...they just dont seem to be a good fit...she seems like this socialite, famous for being famous, gazillionaire brat who thinks this is Planet Paris.

    I do think its funny when celebs like this talk about being together for "5 months". I have to wonder how much they actually saw each other during that 5 months. Between his being in the studio, on tour, on promo-junkets, with her filming her series, doing the talk show circuit, showing up at awards shows and still squeezing in party time.

    I doubt they spent too much time together. I'd like to see how they got along if asked to live in a studio appartment and functioning as a normal couple doing things such as cooking meals, doing laundry - um WORKING AN ACTUAL JOB - oh wait, that is "allegedly" what Paris' show is about.

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