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Thread: Deceased Stars

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    There are many rock legends that have died at a young age before I was even born, but they still effected me greatly. Where do I even begin?

    Jim Morrison: It is extremely sad that he died at such a young age. I only as of late have gotten into The Doors, but after hearing Jim Morrison sing "Riders on the Storm", "Love me Two Times", and even "Light My Fire", I knew that his passing was extremely untimely. As for what he would be doing now, he'd probably live in a small appartment in Paris or something, writing poetry, which was his true talent.

    Freddy Mercury: I don't even know where to start on this one. He died around the time I was born, so I never saw him, but I do consider him the best front man ever. Just watch the video to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and you'll see. I didn't know it was possible to miss someone you never knew until I heard him. He meant something to me. And that is all I can say.

    Kurt Cobain: I love his music, but I can't neccesarily sympathize with his death. He chose to OD. He chose to end his life. He chose all of those things. So really, although he is missed, he is the cause of it. As for what he would be doing now, he would probably still be married to Courtney, and maybe even be a member of the Foo Fighters (a.k.a.: Nirvana: Remants). I doubt he would leave the industry.

    John Lennon: I cannot comment his death without becoming tearful. It is so, so wrong he was murdered. How could anybody do that to him? How dare they! He did not deserve what he received. But, if he was still around, he's be making music with Yoko. And I would be listening.

    Jimi Hendrix: *sighs*. I am new to Jimi's music, but I don't really care that he died. I don't listen to him enough to know. But, if he were here, he'd be making guitars in some shack in L.A., I think. He'd probably be good at that, too.

    Those are the ones I really care about. As my music collection continues to grow, I may add more to this list. This is really an interesting topic!

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    Elvis would have been a fat lounge singer. He definitely defined a generation, but I think he would have faded into obscurity had he not died.

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    . I actually think he would be dead now, seeing as he would be around 70.

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