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Thread: Deceased Stars

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    I saw an excellent documentary on Janis years ago...I wish I could remember the name of it. "The Rose" was supposed to be a half-assed biography movie, as well, but it fell kinda short, IMO
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    I know that I wonder what kind of music/projects Aaliyah would be doing! She was a great talent, and I would have loved to have seen her in Matrix.

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    I don't think Nirvana would be held up on such a high pedestal today had Kurt Cobain not died. JMO.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Elvis died WAAY too early......
    Jim Croce died too soon....
    Freddie Mercury..the world missed out on greatness...I would have loved to have seen what he would have done next....

    And even tho its not music related....the world lost Princess Diana much too soon.......
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    Interesting topic!

    I had this discussion with my boyfriend the other night, and we talked about how cool it would be if Elvis were to collaborate with Rick Rubin and do something similar to Johnny Cash's last albums. I could see Elvis hitting it big with the indie kids, just like Johnny did with his American recordings. He did die way too young.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    Gotta love Janis AJ I hope they don't do a biopic of her short life, I wanna keep my memories of her intact and unsullied. I grew up near her hometown.
    Renee Zellweger is evidently starring in a biopic about Joplin, and I've also read that Pink is set to star in another version. Of the two I'd say Pink will probably do a better job. Somehow I just can't see Renee with her collagen lips belting out Piece of my Heart...

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    Very interesting topic! Of the bands I've seen live in concert back in the 60's, early 70's, here's my thoughts...

    The Beatles, saw them at Cleveland Stadium, only paid $5.00 for the ticket. John would still be making strange music with Yoko (yuk)! George, well he actually died at an older age, so he'd be doing what he was already doing.

    The Who...Keith Moon, what can I say, it was the ultimate concert! It was when they would destroy their instruments on stage (my old boyfriend still has a piece of Peter Townsends guitar that went flying into the audience). Keith, he'd still be playing drums somewhere and being as crazy as he was. I don't think Keith Moon would ever have stopped being young.

    Jimi Hendrix, he'd still be playing that guitar, like BB King, and would be the ultimate guitarist ever.

    Janis Joplin, believe it or not, she'd be a grandma by now and a great one! She'd still be singing in some way, but she'd be very laid back and finally have accepted the fact that she doesn't have to please everybody!

    The Doors...I am so thankful that I was able to see the Doors live in concert with Jim Morrison. He was by far the most sexual man in a band ever! I don't mean he acted that way on purpose, it's just the way he was, he didn't have to do anything special, just be on stage and sing, his voice did it! I agree with the above post however, he would be out of the music business. One thing you did notice about him while performing, was that he never seemed happy, he never seemed as though he really enjoyed being up there on stage. But, that's what was so special about him, even though he came across as not really caring about what he was doing, his voice and his body language just made you care about him. But, if he were still alive, he would not have anything to do with the music business. He'd be living a quiet life away from everybody.

    Ok, I could go on with the bands I've seen live, that's all we did back then, but I'll stop here. Except I do have mention three of my favorites that I never did get to see, they all died together, but I love their songs.

    The Big Bopper...Chantilly Lace is an awesome song. The Big Bopper, he'd be retired and just a good old guy grampa!

    Richie Valence...he'd be doing all he can in the music business helping the Spanish type singers, like Selena. I honestly believe that if Richie was around for Selena, things might have been different. Richie never really cared much for fan clubs. He might have steered her away from that.

    Buddy Holly, my all time favorite!! He'd still be in the music industry in some way. He'd still be performing. He'd be like a Jerry Lee Lewis (without the scandal of marrying a too young cousin), he loved performing and he'd do it for as long as he could.

    Ok, I'm done, finally! Sorry for the long post, but this is a subject I can talk about forever! With all of the bands, people I've seen live on stage I have always imagined what would they be doing now? I could go on and on, but I won't. lol
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    One would also have ask:

    If Selena had lived, would Jennifer Lopez be the Mega-Star that she is?
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    Yes, Jennifer Lopez would still be the mega-star that she is. She does, after all, have a very big asset going for her.

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    Buddy Holly, that was a loss of a true talent. I sometimes do wonder how he would have shaped modern music, moreso, had he not died before the peak of his talent.

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