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Thread: Johnny vs. The Devil?

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    Johnny vs. The Devil?

    this has bugged me for 20 years!! Johnny going around for all these years thinking he won that rigged battle of violins!

    IMO- the devil totally kicked Johnny's arse! kicked it all over Georgia really... i mean how could Johnny really compete with a band of demons??

    it's the Music Industry's version of the Black Sox scandal!

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    Courtesy and Goodwill Mantenna's Avatar
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    I agree. The devil had a pretty good guitarist backing him, too.

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    Oh, my should you two be drinking on a Tuesday evening? Talk about scandalous!

    (The devil had the last laugh anyway...hasn't Charlie's career gone to hell in a handbasket after that one hit?)
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    Don't be silly, AJ. Charlie still has a flourishing career playing county fairs. In fact, he'll be in my city next month.* At $10 a head, I might even go, and put this "Johnny vs. the Devil" controversy to rest by judging how it sounds live.

    *I want to clarify that I looked it up for this thread, and did not just happen to know that.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    I have always been amazed at the guys who have made successful careers out of 'spoken word', story telling songs - and they generally come out of the country music genre - Charlie, Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens...but they are usually good, comic fun.

    Gotta admit though - no one tops Charlie in the Giant Hat & Belt Buckle combo department.

    The shame of it all is that - I ran into Johnny recently and he hasnt taken care of that golden fiddle at all. He let it go to hell and its all covered with lime deposits now.

    As for the devil, he is scheduled for a 12 round event in July against a tag team of Britney and X-tina for the coveted golden thong. The devil really plans to "go down" that night.

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