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Thread: Kelly Osbourne Wants Madonna's Attention

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevieM
    I don't think Madonna is all that talented either except for manipulating people.
    I think she is nothing but a pig and she climbed her way to the top by sleeping with them
    So :phhht to both of them really...ugh

    Amen. If I had a million dollars for every time I've had this discussion about that tramp Moandonna I'd have my own reality tv show and I could tell people "your Fired".
    Average singer at best who has made a career out of being and portraying a whore. Now she's in her mid forties a mother and she's trying to reinvent herself . Let's see how much she exposes her daughter to in terms of the garbage on the air waves ,cuz she didn't have a problem profiting of others parents children. To truly reinvent herself she'd have to become a celibate and preach abstinence,which probably is a word she doesn't have in her vocabulary .The only things she hasn't tried to exploit in the sexual vein are to my knowledge are bestiality and sibling incest and some of the more sickening fetishes (not as though those aren't)
    If Kelly O wants to be like Moandonna ,talent wise she ain't that far off . All she needs to do is get a dirty mattress set up a video camera in a vacant room and roll around with a bunch of guys and some girls.

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    hmmmmmm you know once upon a time I wrote an article for another site on this very subject.

    and thanks to the wonders of the internet - I think I still have a link to it.


    LOL - this was written right after season 1 of The Osbournes when she first came out with the cover of Papa Don't Preach.

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