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Thread: 10 Greatest Rappers of all Times

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    A convert! Alright, quick, somebody send John a Britney Spears CD! Actually it's very cool that you kept an open mind and tried the CD.

    I just wanted to say thanks to SFG for listing some underground talents. I've been meaning to check out some underground stuff, mainly because I heard that some of them have better (cleaner) lyrics!

    I don't really have favourite artists, but off the top of my head, here are some I like:
    Missy Elliot, of course!
    Ja Rule, really unique voice
    Ice Cube

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I'm not sure Eminem would hate being called "M&M", since the inside artwork of one of his CD's has a caricature of his facial features on an M&M guy. (I only know that because the person who sent me the CD was kind enough to print a CD cover case as well, and NOT because I own more than one of his CD's)
    "the Marsh" it is!!

    And you're lying. I'm guessing your office is PLASTERED with Marshall's little face in poster-goodness everywhere!! That and those cla....ymation posters!! Ha!! I am of course speaking of "Chicken Run" the movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by makerc
    I just wanted to say thanks to SFG for listing some underground talents. I've been meaning to check out some underground stuff, mainly because I heard that some of them have better (cleaner) lyrics!
    You're most welcome, Makerc!

    While not always necessarily "cleaner" per se, I like that a lot of underground hip hop is more intelligent and attempts to have more of a message (be it political, social, cultural, just more than your average ho's-'n'-guns-'n'-forties-at-da-club of maintstream--not that that isn't fun from time to time). They are also often willing to be more experimental with their music. Plus, these MCs do have the skills to back it up. Gift of Gab is one the illest battle rappers in the business, and "A2G" is a hip hop classic. If you're looking for a place to start, try Blackilicious (Gift of Gab) and Jurassic 5. Also, I love The Roots.

    I forgot to mention Lyrics Born, half-Italian/half-Japanese flow-master of Latyrx and Quannum. He has a sound like no other, and his raps are very poetic observations on life. I love "Lady Don't Tek No" released on Solesides; tell me your booty ain't bumpin' to that bass line.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Jurassic 5! They're one of the (relatively few) rap outfits I enjoy. Excellent choice.

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    The Streets My current favorite.

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    I don't know many rappers. But so far it's
    1. Eminem
    2. DMX
    3. Like someone said above "Mike from Linkin Park"
    4. Twista (my current favourite)
    5. 50 Cent

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    top 10 rappers of all time hmmmm
    1. Krs-1
    ( 2) MC Shan -Just kidding. those who know their history might get the humor
    2-Rakim -But hands down the best lyrycist
    3. Chuck D
    4. L.L
    5. Run DMC they are a duo but they're so insync with each other it's as though they are one
    6. MC Lyte- As Chuck D said "she could win a rhyme fight"
    7. Big Daddy Kane
    8. EPMD -(same as Run DMC)
    9. The Roots
    10 MC Solaar- He's my wild card. A French rapper. Unfortunatly I don't speak French so I have to try and read along-kinda like "Hooked On Phonics" for Hip Hop Heads

    I did'nt want to list a buch of groups cuz it's a best rapper catagory not
    groups but I listed three

    If i had to subtract the duos/Groups my solo rappers would be ( in no particular order)
    Roots Manuva
    Kurtis Blow

    There should be a group catagory -don't know if I missed it but
    yet again, in no particular order:
    Beatie Boys
    Tribe called quest
    De La
    Black eyed Peas
    (it's a toss for me here Digable planets?? Third base?? my mind is blank)
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    luv for nas

    After reading all these posts, I feel my man Nas has not gotten the luv he deserves, he is a poetic historian and prophet at the same time, his flow is one of the tightest ever in rap, and Jay-Z knows he cant touch him in a battle...but here's my top 10 (in no particular order):

    1. Nas
    2. Eminem
    3. Gangstarr
    4. Krs-One
    5. Run DMC
    6. Rakim
    7. Outkast
    8. Jay-Z
    9. Dr.Dre/Snoop
    10. LL Cool J

    Honorable mentions to: Canibus, Red and Meth, Pun, Kane, Chuck D, Doug E Fresh, Talib Kweli, Common, Busta, DMX, Jadakiss,way too many others to mention...

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    Mminem ! Welcome to FORT ! See that you're an Eminem fan, was surprised he wasn't on #1 on your list. Enjoy your stay here.

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    1) Eminem
    2) Tupac
    3) Notorious B.I.G.
    4) Mike Shinoda
    5) Dr. Dre
    6) Outkast (both guys)
    7) Black Eyed Peas
    8) Cypress Hill <- for the rock superstar song... best rap song ever
    9) Beastie Boys
    10) DMX

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