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Thread: The Concerts You Will Attend?

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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    We are on our way out the door to go see Van Halen. It's been over 30 years since I've seen them....this girl has her dancing shoes on.
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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    I found out yesterday, after sending money to support my local NPR station, that I won tickets to see Emmylou Harris and her Red Dirt Boys and Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers in July! What a nice surprise. I loved bluegrass music back in the 70's and know that it will be a nice time. It is an outdoor concert. I saw Emmylou a few years ago, but have never seen Steve Martin live. Love that banjo!

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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    Enjoy the concert, Cootie!

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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    Well, I just finished rocking my butt off this weekend at the Great Canadian Beaverfest - great local bands plus The Trews, Three Days Grace, Honeymoon Suite, Puddle of Mudd, and The Cult. Boy, I wish I would have seen The Cult 20 years ago... Ian Astbury is showing his age

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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    Aerosmith...coming to Cleveland in two weeks!!
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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    Spent Saturday night at The Jewish Mother (in Va Beach) listening to Mikey Wax and Jon McLaughlin. Bob Stamper (a member of Jon's band) also did a few songs by himself.

    Jon is fairly well-known (you might remember him singing "So Close" at during Enchanted when Amy Adams was dancing with Patrick Dempsey) and his keyboard skill blow me away. Mikey isn't as famous, but he should be!! Both guys are super nice.

    If you haven't heard of either, do yourself a favor and click the links I've provided:

    Jon McLaughlin - Promising Promises - YouTube

    Mikey Wax - Counting On You (Album Version) - YouTube
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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    We went to see Van Halen last Wednesday night. We decided at 5:30 that night to go see them, so it was very last minute! We had excellent seats! They must have released more tickets right about that time because everyone around us said that they had bought their tickets about 2 hours before the show & the seats were some of the best I've had at a major concert. David Lee Roth did a lot of "talk singing" & the band really covered his butt a ton! The show was still great though! I've never been able to see them live before & it was way cool to see Eddie Van Halen play live. He is like no other! A guitar virtuoso, for sure. I wish it was entirely the original band, with Michael Anthony on bass, but it was very sweet to see Eddie's son on stage playing with them. He's a little cutie! He looks so much like his mother (Valerie Bertinelli), IMO, but there were times on stage where I could see a lot of his dad, mostly in his mannerisms & expressions. The show totally rocked, my ears rang for 2 days. I had earplugs with me, but I hate how much they muffle everything, so like a dummy I didn't use them.
    The funny thing was that Kool & the Gang opened for them. Weird combo, but it was fun & I didn't realize how many of their songs I knew.

    Going to visit friends in Ohio & we're all going to see Def Leppard & Poison while we're there. Been planning this one for a few months! This time I'll be smart & wear my earplugs. Permanent damage or tinniuts would suck, hardcore!

    Throwback summer 2012, lol.
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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    I am going to see Morrissey!! I am so over the moon elated about this!
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    Re: The Concerts You Will Attend?

    I went to a festival this weekend in Hershey, PA called the Mixtape Fest...and it was crazy awesome!! first night was Aaron Carter, DJ Pauly D, Steel Panther, The Fray, NKOTB, and Kelly Clarkson. 2nd night was the Dan Band, the Ready Set, the Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, LL Cool J, 98 degrees and NKOTBSB. For a boy band geek like it me it was heaven!! Hopefully they will do it again next year!!!
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    Going to see Bryan Adams for the 2nd time on his Bare Bones tour in October.
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