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Thread: Boyzone 'reunion'

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    Boyzone 'reunion'

    21-04-04 news EXCLUSIVE WITH PHOTOS
    The Boyz Are Back in The Zone...

    What a historical day it was yesterday when the original Irish boyband got back together after nearly half a decade of squabbles and all in the name of charity...

    Boyzone reunite in Dublin

    There has been constant speculation in the media over the past four and something years as to whether Mikey, Ronan, Stephen, Shane and Keith would ever reunite and say a proper good-bye to their legions of loyal fans.

    Boyzone reunite in Dublin

    The five Dublin lads which formed Boyzone under Louis Walsh have all gone in separate directions since their glory days... Ronan has continued with his Pop career, Keith went into acting, Shane drove off in a Rally car, Stephen walks the boards in musicals, and Mikey has gone behind the scenes in production.

    But it has always felt like unfinished business in the back of their minds no matter what they told the media - an underlying friendship has always remained even if it took this many years to realise it.

    And it all came to a head last week when the four other ex-zoners came from the four corners of the globe to support Shane as he competed on the reality TV show The Games in Sheffield.

    So it was no surprise yesterday when helicopters started landing at Citywest and some very familiar faces began congregating in the lounge of the plush hotel.

    The Boyz were back together again and NOT, as the media has speculated, for the announcement of a big payday farewell tour - but rather to announce they will get together one last time for charity.

    At a press conference in The Palmerstown Stud Golf Club they announced that they will reform for the 3rd annual celebrity golf classic in aid of the Irish Autism Alliance and donate a percentage of the money raised to The Marie Keating Foundation.

    The event will take place on the 17th of September at The Palmerstown Stud Golf Club.

    When pushed on whether Boyzone would reform for farewell concert the lads wouldn't confirm or deny the possibility - but rumours are abound that something could be on the cards for next Christmas... Fingers Crossed!
    I'm not a fan. But just posting to fans who'd be interested.
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    Not a fan either, and I don't wanna see them reunite as well...

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    guess they ran out of money.....

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    ragazza cattiva
    I have only heard the Boyzone song No Matter What, but I really like that one. I guess that doesn't make me a "fan" but I'd be interested to hear more from them.

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