I find this so funny...

Lonely Robbie

Robbie's longtime best mate Jonathan Wilkes recently tied the knot, and poor old Robbie is apparently a bit lonely in his big castle in Sussex. But the Daily Star claims that he's buddying up to his gardener, who some folks are joking is Johnathan's replacement.

The tab quotes an anonymous source: "Robbie often complains he has few friends and would love to have more people in his life he can trust and hang out with. He's made a real effort to get friendly with locals but it's Phil he's grown closest to."

Phil is Phil Jackson, Robbie's gardener. The story has it that they're hanging out all the time, nattering away into the early hours and generally being buddies. So how has being best buds with a megastar affected Phil? Phil's mum Val hilariously tells the paper: "My son's got quite a high opinion of himself, and his head's got a lot bigger recently." Ouch.