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Thread: Irony. . .

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    Irony. . .

    Ok, Someone explain me this-

    Like 12 years ago, Milli Vanilli (sp?) were publicly chastised for lipsyncing, forced to give back their grammy, and run out of the industry.

    now...we have Britney who does the exact same thing, and we love her to death?

    Eh? Can someone please explain this phenomenon?

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    Milli Vanilli didn't actually sing their songs...not only did they lipsync, they didn't sing at all. I think that's Britney's lousy voice (no matter how much studio help she has), so it's not quite the same.

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    Though it's not exactly the same thing, I understand the sentiment: I want to hear a singer's real, live, actual voice! And what they're doing seems like cheating to me.

    And, I don't think everyone out there is really cognizant of the fact that (or the extent to which) these people's voices are re-mastered, or whatever they want to call it.

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    haha. y'all know what i mean.
    if i go to a show, i want to hear the band, not the playback machine.

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