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Thread: Britney Spears: "My party days are over"

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    Britney Spears: "My party days are over"

    Britney Spears is claiming that the days of wild partying, sudden marriages, even suddener annulments, mysterious visits to clinics, and big panda eyes in the morning, are behind her. She is, she says, getting a grip.

    A tab quotes the popstrel thus: "Things started to backfire and I started to get really rebellious. I had my moment of just being a wild girl..." a moment? Seemed like best part of two years to us, but hey, who's counting... "and just partying a lot and then that got old real quick."

    She goes on to say that she realised things had gone too far early this year. That would be when she got hitched then. Now she says she's got her head screwed on straight. So that'll be the end of tabloid headlines and dreadful pictures then, will it? Shame.

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    This is a very interesting epiphany on Brits part...

    While on the one hand, I whole-heartedly applaud anyone who has reached a self-aware point where they have evaluated their lives and decided that they wanted to make some changes and reassess their priorities and lifestyle. So Brit is basically saying that she wants to quit partying so much, not so many late nights, not so many strange impromptu decisions etc. That is a great sign of maturity.

    On the other hand...

    Brit is mainly popular at this point in her career because all of those things she is talking about cutting back on - the things that make her a side-show oddity and entertaining. Lets face it, the majority of people watch Brit primarily to see "What she will do (or take off) next".
    That is pretty much the draw of Brit.

    So how exactly will a kinder, gentler, soberer and more G rated Brit go over? Well, it will mean relying on her talent as a songstress and/or actress. You can draw your own personal assessment of Brits singing and acting abilities to answer that question.

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    Really Britney, I could care less what you do.

    Look, I love me most...If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would.

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    I agree with you Daddio but I don't think its over. She must've said this after a really bad hangover. We all say this at one point but rarely do we mean it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    I agree with you Daddio but I don't think its over. She must've said this after a really bad hangover. We all say this at one point but rarely do we mean it.
    Or it may have even been her "handlers" who instructed her to say that she is cleaning up her act a bit.

    As the whole Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" incident taught us, America is at the point where we are ready to say "enough is enough" when it comes to pop-tarts trying to one-up each other with all of the "shock the world to jump-start my career" stunts.

    I think the most interesting part of Brit's announcement to clean-up her act is that it came while she is in the midst of a world-tour.

    As anyone who has ever been even on the fringe of the music industry would tell you, being on tour has to be one of the hardest of all environments in which to begin a regiment of sobriety or discipline yourself in anyway to avoiding temptation.

    Whether it be words of her own choice or words placed in her mouth by her marionette string pullers, Brit never fails to entertain and cause head scratching.

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    Just saying it doesn't make it so, Britney.

    I don't find her entertaining, but I can't be bothered to keep up with her latest antic. Yawn. Next thing she'll be blaming her mom for making her grow up too fast. If she ever sits down and pens an actual song, I doubt it would be worth listening to.
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    So you're saying you didn't like "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"? (Oh wait, Dido wrote that one...)
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I highly doubt her partying days are over, they've probably just begun.

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    I thought I would bunch it up with this.

    Madonna's rubbed off on Britney in more ways than one. Spears courts a bit of controversy with her latest video, "Everytime," in which her wrist spontaneously starts bleeding.

    Premiered Monday on TRL, just one day after Easter, "Everytime" doesn't quite go the length Madonna's "Like A Prayer" did to invoke stigmata, but what first appears to be a red Kabbalah bracelet on Spears' wrist becomes a line of blood, only made apparent when she pulls her hand into a bathtub and a small red fog appears in the water.

    Instead of taking her own life as described in the video's original treatment, Spears instead dies a more mysterious death, since the amount of blood she loses is small -- but she slips unconscious under the water nonetheless.

    Despite her death, Spears ends up in a white-lit hospital room as a new mother gives birth. The final shot shows a fully alive Spears re-emerging from the bathtub, with a smile on her face. One way or another, she lives again.

    "It's more like a movie," Spears explained when she called in to TRL on Monday. "It's different than anything I've ever done. It's dark, and it shows me in a different light. Of course, I'm going to go back and do dance videos, but I wanted to be inspired and challenged."

    Though she didn't get a chance to say it for herself during her on-air chat, Spears called TRL back as the video was playing and asked the show to explain for her that the video's concept was about reincarnation.
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    Thats what we need...a conceptual and deep thinking Britney. Jeez.

    I like how Brit says she wants to be "inspired and challenged"...that would be a good quote if she had any actual artistic input into her music.

    The extent of Brit's input extends about as far as her showing up to "sing" the songs her handlers bought for her and to show up to "act" in the videos that were conceived by her handlers and the video producers.

    She probably only became excited over this vido because the director told her that the video would include lots of shots of her naked in a bathtub.

    I am sure the majority of the symbolizm (intentional or imagined) will zip right over the heads of the majority of the Brit Fan demographic.
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