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Thread: Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehabilitation for Drug Use

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    Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehabilitation for Drug Use

    Kelly Osbourne Enters Rehabilitation for Drug Use
    Fri Apr 2,10:48 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon on Friday said their 19-year-old daughter Kelly entered a California drug rehabilitation clinic earlier in the day to grapple with her abuse of painkillers.

    Sharon Osbourne told CNN's "Larry King Live" the couple confronted their daughter early on Friday after the family was contacted by an English tabloid seeking comment on a picture in which Kelly appeared to be buying drugs.

    "She admitted it after a lot of twisting," she told CNN. "Literally, a couple of hours ago, she was admitted to rehab."

    She said their son, Jack Osbourne, who underwent substance abuse treatment last year, took Kelly to Promises Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Addiction Center in Malibu, California.

    Ozzy Osbourne, an admitted drug addict and alcoholic who has spent time in rehabilitation clinics himself, said he had asked Kelly repeatedly if she used drugs, but she denied it.

    "I can't believe we were buying into it," he said. "The amount of pills I found in her bag was astounding."

    The Osbournes were slated to appear on the CNN program to promote the third season of their reality TV series "The Osbournes," but decided to reveal their latest family trauma.

    "As usual with the Osbournes, you never know what's going to happen next," Sharon Osbourne told CNN, saying she was angry, upset and beginning to wonder if the family was cursed.

    Ozzy Osbourne is still recovering from an accident on an all-terrain vehicle that left him in a coma for eight days. The rocker shot to fame in the 1970s with Black Sabbath and remained in the public eye after he launched a solo career.

    In recent years, his popularity has reached new heights with the success of the hit MTV reality series, in which he stars with Sharon, who had been battling colon cancer, and two of his three children.

    Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne briefly landed at No. 1 on Britain's singles chart with their duet of the Black Sabbath classic, "Changes," last December.

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    Maybe Sharon's next project, since her show is being cancelled, would be to open up their own rehab clinic. It would certainly save the family money in the long run.
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    It's such a pity how these kids are ruining their parents' wealth on themselves. Kelly is pretty spoilt at times, as well as Jack. But heck, they have all the money they can and they probably won't bother about what I have to say.

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    It seems that whenever a Hollywood kid get hooked up with drugs or alcohol and goes into rehab - everyone wants to blame the parents or the show-biz lifestyle and say things like "Just look at Ozzy - you know the kids are going to be junkies too". And to an extent that is true.

    But look at it this way - think back to when you were growing up and in high school. We all (or most of us anyway) did some experimentation with drinking, smoking, drugs, late night partying at the expense of doing home-work or studying. In fact, I did not have one friend or aquaintence growing up who didnt do a little experimenting.

    But - whereas many of us had limitations to our ability to party - ie: partying can be quite an expensive hobby - we had built in limitations as to the extent we could party or experiment.

    Imagine how your personal level of partying may have been if - when you were in high school - you had unlimited cash on hand, top of the line cars, connections to get the best drugs, get into the best parties and/or clubs, etc. We probably all would have spun out of control.

    So I dont think that Hollywood kids are anymore likely to experiment in drugs, drinking, partying etc., they just have unlimited resources to finance their partying and that is what can be dangerous.

    Also the fact that they live under a micro-scope and everything they do that is out of the ordinary winds-up in the press.

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    Per Dennis Miller, Kelly entered rehab to be near her family.

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