The Beastie Boys have poured cold water on rumours that their next album will be their last.

Speaking on the band's official website, MCA (real name Adam Yauch) responded to the question by saying: "As they used to say at Brooklyn Friends, 'I doubt it, I doubt it, I doubt it...'"

He also confirmed comments made by Mike D in a BBC interview, that the new record will be 100 percent hip-hop and that coming live shows will reflect that focus.

"For now I think we are just going to do hip hop shows, turntables and mics," Yauch said.

"It's kind of nice to keep it simple for a minute. But I am sure that we will get back into playing instruments again in the near future..."

"I love playing hardcore, but it has been kind of nice to just focus on hip-hop for a minute. It's like a different mindset, and to stay in it for a stretch is kind of nice. Playing an instrument is like a different way of thinking."

The album will be self-produced without the assistance of long-time collaborators Mario Caldato Jr. and Money Mark.