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Thread: Colin Farrell was supposed to be in Boyzone ?

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    Colin Farrell was supposed to be in Boyzone ?

    I heard it over the radio last night, and I found it very funny... Well, too bad he didn't make it into that boyband !

    Ronan Keating Didn't Want Colin Farrell!

    Colin Farrell was almost signed up by Boyzone - but Ronan Keating didn't want him in the band.

    Before finding Hollywood fame, Colin Farrell auditioned to join the boy band's original line-up.

    But manager Louis Walsh, said Ronan Keating, who had already secured his place, warned him: "Don't give him the gig. If you do, he's going to cause real problems."

    Louis added that it was obvious Colin would be the favourite in the group if he joined Boyzone.

    He said : "All the girls were watching him at the audition. Colin certainly looked the part, even if he couldn't sing at all well. But then none of them could!"

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    I think Ronan made a good call.

    Boyzone were a bunch of sweethearts imo, Farrell doesn't fit that mold at all.
    Keith Duffy is in Coronation Steet, doing a bang up job as Ciaran.
    Not that that really has anything to do with anything.
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    I still think Colin Farrell definitely will steal all the limelight from the other 5. Ronan Keating was partly clever, partly evil in that. And then, what I call more clever, Ronan Keating stole the limelight from the other 4 members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    And then, what I call more clever, Ronan Keating stole the limelight from the other 4 members.
    Hey, you're so right! Same thing happened with Robbie Williams from Take That.
    I rather lurk than post.

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    i think ronan made the right decision for us.

    boybands are so so bad.

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    Boyband or not if he was a fellow Boyzone member then he would have NOT pursued acting and brought us movies like Tigerland & Phone Booth.

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    Colin is so much more attractive not being in a boyband.
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