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Thread: X-Tina's Getting Married... Could It Be Another Britney Act ?

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    Well, there's news that Christina denies it already, so I guess we won't be hearing any ringing wedding bells from her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddio
    Neither Xtina or Brittney exactly exemplify "wife" material do they? They are both classic examples of girls you would like to take to bed - but never home to mother......
    .....If either of them are pulling these stunts because of bad advice given to them by their "handlers" that being a sl*t is no longer the way to go and that they should follow Jessica Simpson's lead as a "softer, gentler, more respectable" pop-tart by getting married - then they need better handlers.
    Amen! I like Cristina's songs, but I just hate her look, her attitude, sometimes she oversings too! :rolleyes

    Britany-I'm so sick of seeing her and hearing that "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. I'm trying to explore and see.." What? How bad of a reputation you can get? I can't believe some people refer to her as "America's sweetheart." If she's America's sweetheart, then there's something seriously wrong with this country.

    Jessica Simpson-albeit not the smartest woman in the world- atleast has some shame, self-respect and dignity. Good for her.

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    Well, at least X-Dirrrrr-Tina skipped the whole 'getting drunk' part and had a boyfriend who proposed to her. That puts her a few notches above Britney on the classiness scale.

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    No offense, but "X-tina" scares me. I used to like her when she was all innocent. But not only has she turned "dirrty" you can flip on any seventeen, teen people ym, etc. magazine and discover her listed under the "unstylish" celebrity list. I mean, just today, I saw her with Michael Jackson-ish black hair, a really dark self-tanner which looks terrible on her, and bright red lipstick which would look good on her except she was wearing that ick hair dye and tanner. Really horrifying.

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