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Thread: Norah Jone's Feel-ing Like Home At #1

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    Norah Jone's Feel-ing Like Home At #1

    In her sixth straight week at No. 1, the top of the Billboard albums chart must certainly feel like home to Norah Jones.

    With more than 147,000 copies to add to her 2-million-plus total, Jones has her coat off and feet comfortably up on the ottoman, besting the closest competition, Cassidy's Split Personality, by more than 30,000 copies on next week's chart, according to SoundScan.

    While Jones' Feels Like Home continues its streak at the top, her debut, Come Away With Me, will extend its run in the top 40. Next week, the 2-year-old album will fall from #28 to #33. Even before Jones' new album was released, Come Away With Me was a top-40 staple, slipping out of that bracket for only a few weeks in December since hitting the #1 spot in January 2003. Combined, both albums' sales exceed 10.5 million copies.

    R. Kelly's appearance on Cassidy's single "Hotel" helped the Philadelphia MC's debut place second on next week's chart. The former Larceny group member moved more than 117,000 copies of Split Personality to have next week's highest-charting debut. The album, much of which was produced by Swizz Beatz, will place higher than Evanescence's Fallen, which climbs a spot to #3 (with more than 105,000 copies sold), and Jessica Simpson's reissued In This Skin, down a notch to #4 (102,000).

    Godsmack's seven-song acoustic set, The Other Side, sold more than 97,000 copies to make its debut at #5. Meanwhile, the buzz the EP conjured helped Godsmack's latest full-length studio effort, Faceless, jump 47 spots, from #180 to #133.

    In its second consecutive week in the top 10, Maroon 5's Songs About Jane is only one of three top-20 albums to show a considerable improvement in weekly sales. The band's debut will slip two spots to #9 while enjoying sales of more than 70,000 copies, 3,000 better than its total the week before.

    Next week's top 10 will be rounded out by Kanye West's The College Dropout, which holds at #6 (93,000); Kenny Chesney's When the Sun Goes Down, falling two spots to #7 (85,000); the top 10's biggest dipper, Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary ... The Hits, down six places to #8 (71,000); and Josh Groban's Closer, sliding a deuce to #10 (66,000).

    Jay-Z continues to revel in the recent hype and controversy surrounding the many remixes of his The Black Album. Combined with the popularity of the LP's third single, "Dirt Off Your Shoulder," Hov's latest falls one spot, to #17, after his weekly sales rose by more than 4,000 copies.

    Other top-20 albums that did better last week than the week before are Alicia Keys' The Diary of Alicia Keys, at #19, and Ludacris' Chicken-N-Beer, at #20.

    Further down the chart, significant strides were made by Hoobastank's The Reason, which will jump 13 spots to #25 thanks to the band hitting the road with Lostprophets and the album's second single, "The Reason," building up steam at radio. Other LPs on their way up include Switchfoot's The Beautiful Letdown, which will climb 19 spots to #44; Clay Aiken's Measure of a Man, which shoots up 10 places to #47 thanks to its second single, "The Way," and his performance last week on "American Idol"; Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever to Tell, also up 10 spots, to #55; and Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue, which will take a 15-spot leap to #60.

    Notable debuts on next week's chart include The Very Best of Jackson Browne at #46; Ultimate Daryl Hall + John Oates at #63; former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne's Grown Backwards at #178; and the Gipsy Kings' Roots at #194.

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    I really like Norah Jones, and this album. I enjoyed Come Away With Me, but i think i like Feels Like Home better. The fact that the musicians who played on this album with her were the same for almost all the songs, versus the way different Jazz greats played on the different songs of CAWM, makes for a more cohesive album.

    In today's market of manufactured pop stars, with minimal talent and great studio engineers, it is great to see truly talented musicians like Norah Jones succeed. I truly hope that this trend can continue, and musicians who don't fit the "mold" of currently popular music, will still have the opportunity to release and succeed as she has. Of course her albums were produced by Blue Note records, which is the nirvana of talent over image.
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    I love this CD, and like MHayes, I think I'm liking it better than Come Away With Me. It feels a little... I don't know, sassier.
    And yeah that on Blue Note. I'm so glad to see someone who *doesn't* sound like all the packaged pop singers make it into the top 40.
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    Umm... I dose off while listening to the CD.... But I still like her.

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