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Thread: Does anyone listen to foreign music?

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    Does anyone listen to foreign music?

    Do you guys listen to music other than american?
    Well, I listen to all types of music, just as long as the beats are good. I don't mind that I don't understand what they are saying, actually I like it better when I don't understand because most of the lyrics to songs are pretty bad or unmeaningful. I mean recently I haven't been listening to a lot of American music cause it's been focusing a lot on sex, money, violence etc.. so I tried venturing into different music.

    I would appreciate feedback from you guys: recommending different artists so that I can expand my musical horizons.

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    I listen to British artists, does that count?
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    sure.. but do u mind naming the artists that are of particular interest to you?

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    I listen to a bit of Hindi Pop - some songs have made it to radio here in Oz. Alot of the aritists come from the UK or Canada. I can suggest the soundtrack to the movies 'Bend it Like Beckham' and 'Monsoon Wedding' if you're interested in hearing some songs.
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    I love exploring within music, so I often listen to stuff thats way off mainstream and non-american

    As I'm Norwegian, I of course listen to a lot of Norwegian music...(And now I'm not talking the fiddles and the folk music lol...we've got more going for us than that...) My husband is actually getting into some of it too. Depending on what music style you like, I can certainly recommend some names. Also Swedish & Danish &... Guess I was just used to being exposed to more international music while living there.

    Some names ya may wanna try:

    Kim Larsen (Danish, rock)
    Attack (Swedish, rock)
    The Monroes (Norwegian, 80s style)
    DDE (Norwegian, rock...drinking songs...various styles actually)
    TNT (Heavy metal)
    Return (Norwegian, soft rock)
    Age Aleksandersen (Norwegian, rock)
    Gyllna Tidar (Swedish, rock)

    I could go on all night but I won't... lol

    Like Rav, I also love the soundtrack from "Bend it like Beckham", it's great (Love that movie, maybe I'm biased) & some of the Chinese & Japanese pop music is really good as well.

    One of my favorite artists is French, he does New Age kind of music, his name is Jean Michel Jarre & he's wonderful. Although he doesn't sing...so language doesn't matter

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    I like to listen to the Cuban artist Ibrahim Ferrer and the group Buena Vista Social Club.

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    I listen to some scandinavian metal... In Flames, Opeth...

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    YES! I am down for some music thats not American Influnced....

    Too bad this guy Tarkan who I hear is popular abroad is not as big here in the US. I have two of his albums including this one above.

    Ishtar who was the voice behind another music artist Alabina I also own....

    Thomas Otten, excellent! A step above from Enya...

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    I don't know about their music, but the last CD cover looks very nice... Very beachy. Very artistic.

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    I like listening to Spanish and some Italian like Eros Ramazotti, Olga Tanon, Selena and more!

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