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Thread: John Stevens (AI 3)

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    I don't agree with him being in the top 32 at all. All he did was mock someone else. Every one of his auditions in Hollywood was messed up except in the one where he sang like someone else. There's no way he can choose songs that will relate to the themes and still sound good.

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    John!!! Okay...*must resist the fangirl squee* I think John is very adorable in the looks department and his interview was very cute. I hope he does well next week! Of course if he doesn't I wouldn't vote for him. That wouldn't be right. I do worry for him!

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    Even if he doesn't make it any further, this will help him out significantly with the ladies. He can't complain about that.

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    All we are saying . . .
    Is give John a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I have no idea why this guy made the top 32.

    Hopefully he can do more than just impersonate Dean Martin.

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    I love John's voice and I think it would be great to see him get through.

    But I see the argument why he shouldn't--he's not a pop singer. When they okay'ed him for Hollywood, Randy said that crooning is coming back, like Michael Buble. But I think if Michael Buble, Peter Cincotti, or Norah Jones auditioned for AI, they probably shouldn't go thru, and hugely talented as they all are, because they aren't pop singers. (Norah Jones is on the line between jazz and pop, I see that.)

    John has an incredibly warm voice, and I agree with the comment that song choice will be critical for him. The song he sang in Hollywood (which must have gotten him thru b/c he sucked at performing an "original" song and the group song) was, I'm pretty sure, "I left my heart in San Francisco." I think a song like that would be an awful mistake for a pop contest. He's got to find a way to sing songs from the 60s thru the 00s, and can't reach back to the 30s, 40s or 50s, if he wants to get through this contest.

    Can you tell that I'm rooting for John?

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    I'm also a bit scared for John that he'll forget words/go blank/screw up.

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    You know I think in a way John looks like Finch from the American Pie movies. It might be just me or something.

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    He will get through (sigh) because a lot of people love him I know from other sites - but he will just make a fool of himself in some rounds in the top 12 (if they do any from the previous series) - Disco, Country Rock, Bee Gees etc.
    should not have been put through.
    ps I have a question - is he younger than Diana? I hear Ryan saying all the time how Diana is the youngest, but there was one point I heard him saying how the nerves really affected the youngest contestant and they were talking about John.

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