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Thread: any Elton John fans?

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    any Elton John fans?

    what else to make my first post?

    well i'm sure there are some people here who are also into Elton John like me, so i just wanted to share some good news. he recently came out with a cd called "remixed" and it's great! it's remixes of some of his songs and i really enjoy it.

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    Welcome to the boards BTW!
    Ummmm do you have the title of this remix album?
    All I am finding on Amazon is this one as the most recent release...

    I like Elton but I lean MORE towards the oldies. He ocassionally will come up w/ a NEW track thats pretty good.
    There was this song that he did awhile back w/ Jennifer Rush "Flames of Paradise" that I had on vinyl. It's VERY hard to find on CD now.

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    I'm surprised that there isn't a "Piano Men" live CD featuring Elton and Billy Joel.

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    elton cd

    Yes- the cd is called "Remixed"- it's definitely on Amazon because that's where I got it. Let me know if you have any luck.

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    1. Are You Ready for Love ('79 Radio Edit)
    2. Are You Ready for Love (Ashley Beddle's Love and Protection Mono Edit)
    3. Candle in the Wind (Acoustic Mix)
    4. Rocket Man 03
    5. Song for Guy (Remix)

    Only 5 Tracks?
    At least Elton could have added "I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That"
    I remember the Club Mix was an added track on Reg Strikes Back.....
    But anyway I will look out for this one...

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    ragazza cattiva
    good to hear about the remix album, eltonsluv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2
    I like Elton but I lean MORE towards the oldies. He ocassionally will come up w/ a NEW track thats pretty good.
    I am a big fan of ole Reg Dwight.

    BorderEevil, I am also much fonder of Elt's older music. Not-so-coincidentally, the older hits were all co-written with Bernie Taupin. Elton wrote the music and Bernie wrote all (or at least most of) the words.

    I recall a phone in radio show with Elton once where callers kept saying "I really love 'Candle in the Wind' you must be a huge Marilyn Monroe fan" and Elton would say "Well yes I am but I didnt write those lyrics, Bernie did, I just wrote the music".

    The next person would call and say "I played 'Your Song' at my wedding...I just love it.. did you write that for a specific lover" and Elt would say "Again, I just wrote the music, Bernie wrote the lyrics for his wife/girlfriend". At some point the DJ just said "OK callers, just a reminder, Elton writes mostly music OK?"

    In more recent years Elton has worked more with guys like Tim Rice - whos is a famous collaberator with Andrew Lloyd Weber on such hits at Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita.

    So the newer Elton tends to be a bit more adult contemporary and Broadwayish, like the Lion King stuff (which he co-wrote with Tim) as opposed to his days with Bernie where his songs were more pop/rock and great ballads.

    But Elton is a living legend and very giving, very humble, very generous and gracious.

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    Elton fans

    You guys need to visit my Elton forum! I just started it and I'm looking for more Elton fans to join...www.eltonforum.com

    Speaking of new release, there has been news of the new Elton CD coming out this fall we think will be called "Peachtree Road" .

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