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Thread: a CD full of classics

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    a CD full of classics

    I just got the new Joe Cocker album, “The Ultimate Collection.” from work at Universal and I had heard of him but never connected him with his songs. After listening to it I was like, “Oh, I know that song. And that one. And that one.” I realized I knew at least half the songs.

    It’s a great collection of his hits from his 30+ year career. I know you all know these ones: “With A Little Help From My Friends” (the theme to Wonder Years), "You Are So Beautiful", "Up Where We Belong" from Officer and a Gentleman, "Unchain My Heart", "When The Night Comes" and “First We Take Manhattan.” I love that the CD features some great guests: Jimmy Page, Jimmy Cliff, Billy Preston, and Randy Newman.

    Check out this live footage and it is a must see. Very vintage.




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    Welcome to the FORT Rollnrocker!

    I love Joe Cocker. My favorite of his songs is Feelin' Alright. I'll have to check that one out. Thanks.
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