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Thread: Diana Degarmo (AI 3)

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    Please do not post spoilers in this thread, including what songs Diana may be singing on future shows.

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    What's with Snellville this year? This little town produced a top 3 finalist for both American Idol and Nashville Star this year. How very odd.

    (and please don't make the joke that Snellville is actually a real-life pop farm. That's just too easy. )

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    That's cute. You should check out the official Fox site. A lot of Diana support (mostly teenagers though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn&Carmen
    Do you know if the songs that they are performing on Monday's special are just any songs they want to? Or is it another favorite from the season?

    This is just speculation and a pure guess but I am thinking since they were asked to pick their fav' songs last "special" maybe the judges will have some say in what song they sing this time or what in their opinions is their fav. Also, notice there are three finalists which equals the number of judges as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradigm
    That's cute. (mostly teenagers though).
    That's why I stay away and let my better half (JetStew) handle that part- LOL

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    HUH? Did you miss the BROKEN WING episode? Normally, TITANIC is my all-time fave ballad of Di's but the illness had hold of her that week. Considering there are 3 songs per contestant Tue., I would be shocked if all 3 were up-tempo.
    No i didn't. I was alluding to the fact that some people (like me) are still waiting for that breakthrough ballad performance from Diana. IMO, her best ballad to date is One Voice but it still didn't wow me I'm still waiting for her to really stand out on a ballad song.

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    I am sure one of the judges WILL give Diana a ballad to sing! I am hoping she does well on it! I do see her first single being an uptempo song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariann1
    I am sure one of the judges WILL give Diana a ballad to sing! I am hoping she does well on it! I do see her first single being an uptempo song.
    That's likely. My guess is that Randy will pick something for her, as he's been supportive of her all along. He picked "Without You" for Kelly, and she did well with it. I'm pretty sure he picked a ballad for Kim Locke...was it "Inseperable"? Paula will probably pick for Jas, and Simon for Fantasia. That's just a guess.

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    I think Randy picked Anyone Who Had A Heart for Kim, but she chose Inseparable herself.
    I really do hope that Diana gets a ballad to sing, but unlike Fantasia and Jasmine. I cant think of ay for her...

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    Regardless of what the shows outcome is. I hope that she continues to do well and has learned a lot of positives from her AI3 experience.

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