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Thread: Fantasia Barrino (AI 3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    Is it just me, or does Fantasia remind anyone else of Tina Turner? When she sang I totally got that vibe. I really liked Fantasia, and she was the only one that got me excited enough to vote.

    Fantasia's got that voice you either love or detest. I'm the "love" camp. I think she's fabulous. I just wished she'd make more eye contact with the camera.

    I love that she doesn't sound like a carbon copy of every other pop star out there. She stood out, offered something different and I'm so glad she made it.

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    There is something about Fantasia I find appealing and I don't quite understand it myself. Most of the criticisms I hear about her are, I admit, somewhat true, and if someone else acted like that, I would probably hate it, but I find myself still liking her. Even so, I am pretty disgusted with the responses of the judges. It was obvious that even though there were things they could have criticized about her they gave her a total pass.

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    I missed Tuesday's episode, but caught all of Wednesday's-- and all I can say is: "WOW!"

    She has a fabulous voice, really wild and unique-- and her style is cool.
    I don't know yet (obviously, only two have moved forward and there's still a wildcard to contend with) if she's my favorite, but she definitely can sing. She is awesome.

    I tend to be drawn more to male voices (could be a sexual thing, I dunno)-- which is why I rarely get goosebumps when women sing. But I think Fantasia might actually change all that.

    But wow, this year's bunch seems pretty solid. Granted, that's what I said last year up until Country Music Night...and then it was pretty much Ruben, Clay, Trenyce and Kim Locke- and despite great rallies by Trenyce and then Kim Locke, it was a race for weeks between Clay and Ruben.

    This year could be different.

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    I think I sort of agree with Zippy. So far.

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    I seem to be the only one on the fence about her -
    people either Love her or cant stand her
    But after 2nights show (It got aired tonight) Im glad she got through, however I dont consider myself a big fan of hers or a big disser, Im glad shes still around ( and probably will be for a while) so I can make my mind up.

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    Fantasia has great stage presence but, MY GOD, her voice sounds like a cartoon character! YIKES! It's too high pitched and not normal sounding.

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    She's awesome! But I hate how people are calling her awful because she isn't as pretty as the others! EVIL

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    That's a pretty blatant accusation and resembles comments that people make when they accuse someone of *disliking* a person because they ARE attractive due to jealousy.

    Musical tastes and preferences are as varied as the number of different types of toothpastes that Crest and Colgate subject us to.

    A lot of people don't like Fantasia. It has to do with her voice/style, nothing else. A lot of people dislike Matthew (considered a "pretty" contestant) Again, has to do with his voice/style.
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    I only saw the results show. I liked Fantasia. Not love though. I immediately thought Macy Gray. I liked it but I wouldn't want to hear a whole album of it. I am looking forward to hearing her sing other styles of music so I can get a better idea of wether I love her or not. I think her personality was great. I don't think her looks are going to be a problem. Personally I think she looks fine. But I know the make up and hair styliests will work miracles on all of the contestants.

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    I just have to say that I don't like her, never have. She sings ok but I believe there are better people out there.
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