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Thread: Christina Aguilera's new song

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    Christina Aguilera's new song

    Okay I just have to say I really don't like this girl as a singer. Mainly for her appearance and also for her singing style. I just can't stand that throaty trill she does. I actually like her new song "The Voice Within" or something like that, she actually sings really nice. I didn't know it was her at first. She gets a little throaty in the song but for the most part I think she shows what a nice voice she really has. Too bad she can't sing like that all the time.

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    I actually like some of her songs. I just don't agree with the way she acts, dances, dresses etc. She does have a good voice and I think "The Voice Within" is a beautiful song.

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    I like her. I like her everything. I do find one track on her album very groovy. People should check it out. It's track 12, I think. It's "Make Over". It sorta abit of a rip-off of a UK trio group named Sugababes (Anyone heard of them ? They are darn funky... ) and their debut single "Overload". I like both version, but Christina brings it up to another level.

    Do check it out !

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