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Thread: Your Favorite "Love Makin" Music

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    Well, here is a list of songs that would definitely get me in "the mood"...

    -"Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye (a must)
    -"Body Language" by Queen
    -I have no clue why but the guitar solo in "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd makes me wanna have a good long kiss with someone.
    -"Sandstorm" by Darude
    -"Master and Servant" by Depeche Mode (I'm a dirty girl)

    Hmmm, there were some more, I might have to post them later.

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    My ultimate in the mood song is Moments in love by the Art of Noise
    "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." ~Anais Nin

    "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye." ~H. Jackson Brown Jr

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    I *ahem* had a great experience once while listening to Blowing Bubbles by the Lightening Seeds, ever since then....

    Mozart and Chopin are also on the top of this list for me.

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    My favorite "love making" music would be the music that me and that special someone make ourselves"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Realitychick
    soooooo embarrassed to say this but hahahah H-town "Knocking da Boots"...
    Hey, no shame, its on my playlist too! lol

    Yes, I have a playlist for such, err activities, on my IPOD. Laugh all ya want.

    1. Bump n Grind (Original Version) - R. Kelly
    2. Come & Talk To Me - Jodeci
    3. Do'in It - LL Cool J
    4. Feein' - Jodeci
    5. Forever in Love - Kenny G
    6. Freak Me - Silk
    7. Freakin' You - Jodeci
    8. Hey Lover - LL Cool J
    9. Honey Love - R. Kelly & Public Announcement
    10. I'd Die Without You - PM Dawn
    11. I Want You - Marvin Gaye
    12. Kiss of Life - Sade
    13. Knockin' Da Boots - H-Town
    14. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
    15. Nice & Slow (Original Version) - Usher
    16. No Ordinary Love - Sade
    17. Rock The Boat - Aaliyah
    18. Roni - Bobby Brown
    19. Sadness Part One - Enigma
    20. Seems Like You're Ready - R. Kelly
    21. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye
    22. Smooth Operator - Sade

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    Babyface and Luther Vandross, wow!!

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    I think D.H.T.'s Listen To Your Heart is a very good love song!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I had an ex who liked to put on the soundtrack to "Riverdance". WTF?
    I almost fell off the couch!

    Steve Vai and a mix of SRV's instrumentals
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Sorry I was too late to add to the above post.

    I was reading some of these to my husband who said I needed to add Van Halen. That's HIS choice, mind you, that is most often vetoed by me!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    "Come Together" by the Beatles and "Darling Nikki" by Prince. There's a lot of other sexy songs, but those two get me fired up every time.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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