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Thread: pink floyd rocks!!!!

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    ok, somehow I have missed this thread. Pink floyd is the greastest all time band in my opinion. I saw them in concert in 88 at the citris bowl on orlando, in the rain,. that is by far the number one concert i have ever been to.

    my favorite albums are

    1. dark side of the moon
    2. wish you were here
    3. Meddle
    4. Animals
    5. The Wall
    6. a monetary lapse of reason
    7. a sauser full of secrets

    I do beleive I have every pink flyd album. even the sound track to the movie "more" with the song free four on it.

    I played a sauser full of secrets one day and Ilikia asked me "who is that? they sound like a band trying to be pink floyd" but to hear their early stuff is to really enjoy the trippy stuff they play later on.

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    ARG, Survivorgirl and all younguns....run, don't walk to the nearest store, get Dark Side of The Moon cd, go get somewhere kinda dark -with some cool lights (lava, black, little christmas ones or whatever)if possible, and TURN IT UP. You will not be sorry. The Wall, Meddle, Wish you were here, etc. are all good but try "Dark Side of the Moon " first. If you don't want to buy it, ask anyone 42- 50 years old that seems to be a little bit into art, music and so forth. Then come thank us in this thread!
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    Pink Floyd, I really do love a lot of their stuff. Unfortunately, it's inconsistent, and sometimes you have to sort through a load of dreck before you get to hear the really brilliant song.

    Arnold Layne is a great tune.

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