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Thread: absolute beginner.

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    absolute beginner.

    for the hip hop fans, go download beginner like it's going out of style. they are way tight, dope beats dope rhymes, the whole package. oh, they're german so don't be alarmed if you don't get the words.

    maybe start with 'gustav gans' or 'rock on and on' or 'hammerhart' the remix?

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    European rap/hip-hop owns

    it's the only rap/hip-hop I'll listen to..

    there's this French rap group I love called K-Maro .. Symphonie pour un dingue is a killer song.. I'll make sure to check out your band too

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    i get a kick out of some of the french stuff i've heard. but too many of them steal the east-coast-rhythm-doesn't-matter-in-rap style. :o( i like mc solaar and just got sniper to listen to. outlandish has one nice song (no not aiesha). but beginner just owns. period. fanta4 ain't bad either.

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