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Thread: The ONE concert that stands out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuinntheEskimo
    that Floyd concert in Orlando (88) is the only time i ever got to see them play- Momentary Lapse of Reason if i remember correctly... absolutely amazing light show... fantastic show!
    - GOOD TIMES!!!

    Quinn, the best part of the light show was the rain. it really made the laser lights stand out as they shot across the stadium.

    I've been to a lot of concerts I thought were VERY good. This is tough, to just pick one.

    I'll have to say (don't laugh): Poison/Lita Ford/Kingdom Come.
    John, I remember kingdom come, got the cd, "get it on" as the hit, and Lita Ford, the only ford to come with duel airbags!

    The Stones. Sure wish I'd seen Floyd, tho. They just didn't come to Utah that often. Well, okay, never
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    Tina Turner, The first concert I ever saw...
    And Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour.

    oh and any Stones concert.
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    One is just so hard to pick, but I will have to say Billy Joel/Elton John from the very last row of Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. What an amazing show

    followed closely by Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen and Chicago, I really am not good at picking just one!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I've been to a lot of concerts I thought were VERY good. This is tough, to just pick one.

    I'll have to say (don't laugh): Poison/Lita Ford/Kingdom Come.

    I've seen Poison perform several times, but this particular concert was special. As evidenced by my appearance in the video for "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".
    You were IN the video for "Every Rose"?? Where???? I am so jealous...
    Anyway..if I had to pick best concerts the 4 I would pick...Rod Stewart (seem him quite a few times over the years and he is still awesome!), Garth Brooks (he is definitely an entertainer!), Tina Turner (quite a woman) and Kiss (cool beyond belief!)
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    This a hard choice as last year I saw all of my favorite artists in concert and have the credit card bill to prove it

    However I will ulitmately have to pick my Bryan Adams concert from last year. I have been a fan of his since Everything I Do (I Do It For You) and have now got all of his cds from when he was 17 until now. He never seemed to be in concert where I was and I had really given up any chance of seeing him in concert but last year Kimberley Locke was opening for him in Northern CA and someone let me know. I found out that he was doing a concert down a little past San Diego.

    I drove 236 + miles to see him in concert and I was in the 7th row. In the middle of the first song he told everyone there was no need to stay in your seats. So for the next 3 hours I was singing along right in front of Bryan Adams. He sang a couple songs into the microphone right in front of me, there were three mics on stage. When he was supposed to be done we screamed him back on to the stage and he sang not one or two but seven encores for us.

    I will never forget the expericence. EVER. It was a total dream come true for me.

    I am seeing him in concert tomorrow night with Def Leppard and it will be interesting to see if I come away with the same feelings.
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    [QUOTE=bruschBand people may not have heard of, Gomez, 1999 - The Double Door, Chicago. Great set, great sound, great band. I saw them a few months later at Metro in Chicago and that was good too. Gomez are British but have a definite blues influence. They sang on some of those Phillips ads a few years ago, one of their members has a very distinctive deep voice.[/QUOTE]

    Gomez are cool...I love "Whippin Piccadilly" Now you made me go get my album out!! Haven't listened to it in yonks.

    The concert that stands out for me totally was the first time I saw U2 at Wembley - on the Zoo TV tour when Achtung Baby came out. When they finally sang "One", it was a spiritual moment for me.

    And totally different...but I saw Madness at the Brighton Centre..the Nutty Boys were at their best!
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    Ummm, shoot...so hard to choose one! I'm such a Duranie that it kills me not to say them, but I think I'm gonna have to give it to Prince. Miami Beach, at his club The Glamslam, The Gold Tour, and on his birthday to boot. We managed to make it up to the 2nd row thanks to our general admission dance floor (mucho money) tickets and it was completely amazing. His wife (at the time) Maytae opened up for him and was horrid, but once he took the stage WOW, just WOW. That's still probably my favorite album of his and it brings back fantastic memories of a great night.

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    i'm with libra. out of all the shows i've seen and loved, prince is the best. i've seen him 3 or 4 times now, but the best show i've ever seen was the purple rain tour on new years eve in dallas in 1984. absolutely amazing.

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    My Top 5 Concerts

    1) Lucinda Williams (World Without Tears Tour, 2003) - although two years and several other great gigs have passed, this remains the best concert I've ever attended. I was fairly new to her music at the time but walked home a diehard fan. If you're into alt.country/rock music and get the chance to see Ms Williams live, please do. She's AMAZING live; all that raw energy combined with the sadness of her songs...

    2) R.E.M. + Radiohead (Monster Tour, 1995) - what can I say? R.E.M. (one of my favourite bands at the time) were incredible (Michael Stipe looked straight into my eyes and blew my a kiss when he sang "Crush With Eyeliner" and I nearly swoonned) and as a bonus, I discovered a little British band called Radiohead. I've seen Radiohead several times since, but the version of "Creep" they played that night remains the best one I've heard.

    3) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (No More Shall We Part Tour, 2001) - after six years as a MASSIVE fan (fanatic) of Nick Cave, I finally got to see him live. This was when Blixa Bargeld still played guitar for the Bad Seeds, and the opening song, "Ship Song", a duet between Cave and Bargeld, was incredible. As was the rest of the concert.

    4) Tindersticks (Can Our Love Tour, 2001) - Everything was just right - the intimate venue, the fact that they had brought along a string ensemble, the fact that I started crying about thirty seconds into the first song...

    5) Pulp (This Is Hardcore Tour, 1998) - the first and, sadly, the last time I got to see one of my favourite bands live. Jarvis is such an incredible entertainer. Also, it was one of those perfect summer nights; my best friend and I were standing sooo close to Jarvis, singing along to "Common People"... Bernard Butler was supposed to have been the opening act but, unfortunately, he cancelled. Too bad; I was really into both Suede and his first solo album back then.

    Oh, and I have to add Oasis back in 1994, before they became huge. I saw them again three years later and the spark was gone, although they had become the biggest rock'n'roll band in the world. Emmylou Harris was another heartbreakingly beautiful concert. And the Rolling Stones, both times I saw them. Another surprisingly great concert was Jackson Browne last fall. I went with my dad, not expecting much, but it turned out to be a wonderful show. Just him, his guitars and a whole audience shouting out requests.
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    I can narrow it down but can't make up my mind between these two...
    1) Queen, 1978-ish, when they released A Day at the Races
    Any time Queen performed they gave it 100% and put on a hell of a show.

    2) The Rolling Stones, 1983 or '84 Steel Wheels Tour; one of the first tours after they cleaned up their act and got in shape after years of druggie/drunken excess... a truly great performance! I've still got my T-shirt from that one!
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