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Thread: Britney Spears: Airhead or Just Misunderstood?

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    This article made me laugh a little


    "Britney Spears has more hate websites than Saddam Hussein.

    According to reports in yesterday's New York Post, typing "I hate Britney Spears" into a search engine brings up more than 2,000 results.

    That's more than the combined total for Justin Timberlake (206), Jennifer Lopez (163), Michael Jackson (104) and vegetables (1,120).

    Saddam Hussein gets a hit-rate of 744 hate sites and 322 fan sites.

    According to David Poland, editor of moviecitynews.com, these results bear direct relation to Britney's change of image.

    He states that: "Britney went from being the hip, hot young thing to someone who wants to be slutty but can't quite pull the trigger. When people think that you've misled them about what you really are, that's when the backlash really starts."

    Other personalities to fare badly included Avril Lavigne, Fred Durst, Gwyneth Paltrow and George W Bush.

    Spears has just announced details of her American tour kicking off in San Diego on March 2nd and visit 25 US cities before ending on April 12th in New York."


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    I read that too. Looks like we surf the same website, Silverstar. All I can say is, we are not amused... !

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    Britney Spears may give off waaaaaaaaaaay too much sex appeal and is a bad role model for girls but I think she has a very good voice.

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