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Thread: X-tina on the Cover of Blender.

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    Those seem pretty tame considering some of the crap she's worn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    Those seem pretty tame considering some of the crap she's worn.
    I could say that I have seen worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    I was wondering what you all thought of these pics of X-tina..I thought she looked especially pretty in these photos ...a little sassy and Im starting to get use to the black hair. APparently her last cover on Blender sold 143 million copies...the most ever...Okay give your opinions
    Even though I think she's generally very attractive, I don't like these photos at all.

    First of all, the fake bake needs to go. The splotchy "brown/orange ink oozing from my pores" look just doesn't work. Her natural skin tone in combination with her facial features is sexy...very sexy. This isn't.....whatever *this* even is.

    Secondly, the "look at my fake t1ts" thing isn't happening either. While I can understand (somewhat) why a woman might want augmentation, the basic idea usually isn't to make them look like skin covered water balloons. And that's the look that these photos create.

    And last but not least....what's with all the religious imagery (from the crosses to the gothic fonts)? Is she planning to give the pope a lap dance? The words "skank" and "Jesus" don't usually appear in the same sentence, but here they are...

    And, yes, I'm using a little hyperbole to get my point across

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    LOL Warhol, i was laughing while reading "fakebake"
    Yeah, it does look pretty scary...but despite that, it think she looks good
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