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Thread: Singing Like Nobody's Business!

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    I've got about three notes I can almost reach. So if the song fits in that narrow range, I'm good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    Oh gosh, I'm notorious for singing when no one is around. I actually sand, "Amazing Grace" while I was fixing lunch today. One of my favorites to belt out is, "Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing" by Journey.
    Thank you, Star, for getting Amazing Grace stuck in my head

    I always sing when I think/pretend that nobody is listening. Especially R&B. I kinda memorized Confessions Pt. II by Usher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    I expect you to stop me, Unk, as any good friend would do.
    Stop you what, drinking or singing

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    I like singing along to Sheryl Crow and U2, but only when I'm by myself.
    Ludicrous speed!

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    Well, I sing to Fleetwood Mac stuff too, especially the Christine McVey songs. I've got a similar style.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Ugh...sometimes i love to sing Phil Collins "Easy Lover" at the top of my lungs...Why? Why??? And I sing the Philip Bailey parts all high and stuff...lol

    Any Hall and Oates too...Oh dont get me started...

    Nelly's "Its getting hot in herre"

    Stevie Nicks..."Stand Back"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    Well, I sing to Fleetwood Mac stuff too, especially the Christine McVey songs. I've got a similar style.
    Love her!
    I'm an awful, awful singer, but that doesn't stop me. I sing along with Sarah McLaughlin, Eminem (but I usually run out of breath before the rhyme is finished), Norah Jones, Cowboy Junkies, Portishead, Pink.
    Has anyone seen that MTV show where they put a hidden camera in people's cars and record them singing to the radio? That would be my worst nightmare.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    Candor, I love that MTV show. I love watching the people try to act cool while at a signal, and then break into on-stage bravado when they think they're alone. I do that. I am a terrible singer, too, but I love to sing. I claim to know almost every word to every song ever created. My poor family...they are so kind to put up with my screeching.

    Fleetwood Mac is one of my all-time favorite bands. A few Christmases ago, I was given their dvd, The Dance, and I played it and belted out every song while I did my Christmas baking. It's a tradition now. Again, my poor family.
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