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Thread: What's the last CD you bought?

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    I just bought The Lion King Original Broadway Cast Recording CD.

    I think my favorite songs on the CD are "The Circle of Life", "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", "Shadowland", "They Live in You" and "Endless Night".

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    Nov 2003
    latest CD I got was Hoobastank's FIRST album (had to get it) and Maroon 5's latest new edition of "Songs about Jane" (which I honestly regret getting)

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    Bloomin' FoRT Fanatic! ness's Avatar
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    Twelve Girls Band.

    I'd give it 5/5.

    I really enjoy it!
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    Just got back from the music store. I bought Jimmy Buffett's new "License to Chill", Korn's latest, and the last 2 Sevendust CD's. I'm good for a while

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    I love this thread, I get so much information about bands/singers I've never even heard about.

    My last trip to the store yielded the following:

    The best of the bunch for Pop:

    Toby Lightman - Little Things. She has a great voice and I like her songs, too. She goes from ballad, to pure Pop, to RnB sounds. Don't know why she gets no press and Ashlee (I cannot sing) Simpson is at the top of the charts. And I bought this one, too, for my niece, and she can have it. I didn't even burn a copy.

    Also, Jet, love them, Ben Jelen, pretty good, 3/5, Robert Randolph - Unclassified, great jam band, won't rate it because you have to like that type of music, Switchfoot - Beautiful Letdown 4/5, The Calling 4/5 just cause I love his voice. Avril Lavigne, Under This Skin, 3/5, like the songs better than her delivery.

    For Rock, Thornley, Come Again and The Rasmus, Dead Letters, both very good. Also Wilco - A Ghost Is Born (can't rate it, haven't listened to it enough yet to provide a critical assessment.

    Old ones I picked up just because I needed to have them in CD format: Allman Brothers. A Decade Of Hits, 5/5 and Stephen Stills - his debut album after CSN&Y disbanded. And I won't bother listing the classical albums. .
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    I recently got two cd's, The Corrs new one, Borrowed Heaven and BORN Classified. They're both pretty good, but I like the Corrs first cd better than this one.
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    I bought 3 CDs at once.

    Rock Against Bush Vol. 2 **** (good songs. 26 songs for 10 bucks.)
    Warped Tour Compolation 2004 ***** (good songs. 52 songs for 10 bucks.)
    Hazen Street - Hazen Street ***1/2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ness
    Twelve Girls Band.

    I'd give it 5/5.

    I really enjoy it!
    I keep seeing the commercials and want to get that one too.

    Recently?? It's been a while but:

    System of a Down- Steal This Album! (it's okay but not quite as good as Toxicity IMHO)
    AFI- Sing The Sorrow (I hadn't heard of AFI til last year and a lot of AFI's fans are pissed and think they "sold out" because they are on MTV2 all the time...but I look forward to hearing their older stuff)
    Twista- Kamikaze (Pretty good, some of the songs do suck on there tho)

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    I just bought Matt Dusk. He is the singer from Casino (reality show)

    He does a sweet remake of the Beatles "Please, please me"

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    I just bought the soundtrack to Mona Lisa Smile. It has some great covers of classic songs. Seal,Tori Amos,Celine Dion,Elton John,Harry Connick Jr.,Barbra Streisand, and Macy Gray are just some of the artists that are on the disc.

    I also got America's Sweetheart by Courtney Love. Yes,she is crackish..but it's a good CD.

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