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Thread: VMA's - Anyone Watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    That's the only way that Britney was going to get back into the limelight since she hasn't come out with any decent music.

    Justin is another one that likes to play for the cameras just to get attention. I like soime of his music, but I can't stand his media-whore self.
    But how do you really feel ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by senrik
    Sounds good... can we have j-lo host that year?
    I just realized way later...that what I said could have been misinterpreted, and what I meant to suggest was a spontaneous wood chainsaw carving of the current host..not carving up the host.

    BTW, my favorite Chris Rock line was how he said he wasn't going to pick on Eminem because "wayyy too much stuff rhymes with 'Rock'".
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