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Thread: What in the hell are you saying? Sing clearer!

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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    I had a friend in high school that talked about how much she loved the "Dragon Lady" song. No one had a CLUE what she was talking about.

    Turns out she thought Dude Looks Like a Lady was, "Do the dragon lady".
    Miss F!

    My son son sings it: "Do the naked lady" (He was really small when it first came out so he was not meaning that in a sexual way)
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    I heard in the song 'sorry seems to be the hardest word' a lyric that goes 'what do i do when lightning strikes me'. It sounds weird. Well, you die, that's what happens.
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    Originally posted by raindance
    I heard in the song 'sorry seems to be the hardest word' a lyric that goes 'what do i do when lightning strikes me'. It sounds weird. Well, you die, that's what happens.

    Well, actually it's an old song by Elton John and redone again in 2002/2003 by Blue and Elton John. And' what do i do when lightning strikes me' is probably a figurative language. Anyways if that happens, you'll be no more, but hey, a song is a song

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    Guys, there's a website that deals with this topic, it's hilarious.
    I love going in there when I'm bored & read misheard lyrics, it's just amazing how much wax get in people's ears so they can't hear straight.

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    I can barely hear what shaggy is singing.

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    Okay...you all probably know the song "Wanna Be Startin Somethin." Well, does he really say "you're a vegetable" in that song? I don't understand why he would say that. Was that an 80's term that I'm not aware of?

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    It took me a year to figure out that Mary J. Blige was not singing "SOLDIERS dance for me" in her song "Family Affair". I was singing it out loud with some friends and was suddenly hit hard by the fact the fact that it was actually "SO JUST dance for me". Can you really blame me though? This woman makes up words like "Danceree" ok?
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    this title cracks me up and the replies......

    I know some more bug me but, that John Mayer
    Body is a Wonderland always comes to mind when I see this thread.

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    The first time I hear Britney Spears' I'm a slave 4 u, I thought she was saying : "all you people look at me like i'm a little grill"
    I thought... that can't be right...

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    This thread is really funny . My husband came home one day and said what's up with 98 degrees goin' to Chicago? I said "what do you mean?" and it's all cuz he thought in the song "the hardest thing" they said "gotta go to Chicago" when the real lyrics are "like dr.Zhivago...."

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