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Thread: What in the hell are you saying? Sing clearer!

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    "My Love Does it Good" by Paul McCartney and Wings

    "My Wife Doesn't Cook"

    I am reading this thread laughing my ass off!

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    I always thought it was "Go, Nipsey Russell, go around the world"

    And the Nirvana song where he sings "memory?" I always thought that was "Anne Maria."

    AC/DC was "dunder jeeps" (I always wondered what a dunder jeep was… I was only about 12 at the time).

    I never could understand a word Michael Stipes sang, either. The other big one was Stevie Nicks. I loved Fleetwood Mac as a kid, and found it extremely frustrating trying to sing along. In "Dreams," the best I could make out was "What shoe only play away to shell away your freedom." And "Rhiannon" was "yeahhhhhhhhhh, no."
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    I got the Carrie Underwood cd (sorry if that makes me a dork) and she sings this one song "Before He Cheats" that I really like. Well her cd didn't come with the words to the music so I'm trying to figure out this one verse where I think she's saying "I carved my name in two inch letters .?. and I can't figure what the word after letters is.

    After listening to it several times I realize she's saying "I carved my name into his leather seats". Doh!

    I think I'll head over to a website that gives me the lyrics so I don't mess up the rest of the song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katskratch View Post
    If this has been mentioned before, then I apologize. But the one singer that comes to my mind, as far some I cannot understand any lyrics to is Michael McDonald. "What A Fool Believes" is the first song that I tried to understand, and I couldn't figure out what he was talking about or anything. Here's the lyrics and link to the song from Napsterlinks.
    I came in this thread because I heard this very song on the radio yesterday. It reminded me that this was one of two songs I always thought was unintelligble. As a kid (I remember that song being on a lot), I would just mumble in key, because I thought that was what he was doing. Being the music buff kid of a music buff dad, I never admitted that I didn't know what he was saying. I thought I would understand it someday. Well, I still don't. I am absolutely amazed that this thread floated near the top of the board today, and I clicked to come in to post this very thing, and someone had just mentioned it. Amazing!!!!!

    Speaking of being "amazed" (heh heh), my top pick for most unintelligble lyrics ever, is Jet.
    I think the only words I ever knew were "Jet! Woo-hoo woo-woo woo-woo!" I looked it up fairly recently, and just stared in abject stupefication about the actual words. I didn't confuse any of them, I just didn't know any of them. I had managed to pick out "suffragette" though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kaos View Post
    Oh! In Beyonce's "Crazy In Love," she says, "When I talk to my friends so quietly, {Who he think he is?} Look at what you did to me."

    Ya know I always thought she was saying, "When I talk to my friend O'Reily, dooky dooky, look at what ya' did to me."

    most definately!

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    For many, many years I thought the song "Brown Eyed Girl" started with "Hey there, amigo" until one day it came on while I was sitting in a restaurant having breakfast. I was actually talking to Mr. Rattus at the time and not listening to the song when it cut through all the BS in my head that he was singing "Hey were did we go". That's the only way I ever learn anything - by not paying attention.
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    I always chuckle a little when I browse this thread--most of what I listen to any more is in Italian, a language that I do not speak. Apart from the occasional amore, dolce, donna or canzone, it doesn't matter how clearly it is sung Thank goodness for supertitles at the opera!
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    What a great thread!! I've got tears in my eyes, I've been laughing so hard.

    OK, I've got one to add. During the movie "Grease" where they're at the dance, during the song "Hand Jive" it says "How low can you go?" over and over. Well, I was only a kid at the time, but I thought for the longest time that it was saying "I love candy corn" Now why in the world they'd be singing that, I have no idea, but I felt really silly when I found out the real lyrics.
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    LOL OMG, My daughter just came in the room and asked me who That "VIC" song was by??... LOL
    Puzzled I told her to sing it & here it is LOL
    She started singing "That VIC, VIC" lol........

    .... Mistaken lyrics for "Suddenly I See- K. T. Tunstall"
    Too Cute!

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    I'm watching the American Music Awards, but at the same time I have the radio on in background. Someone on the radio station actually called in one of these "What in the hell "are you saying? Sing clearer!" kinda got my attention...

    Midnight At The Oasis- Maria Muldaur

    "Midnight After You're Wasted!"

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