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Thread: Which Artiste do you HATE now ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    Is it okay that I hate beyonce??? don't hurt me; its just that her video is WAAYYYY overplayed and overrated... and when she was in Destinys Child, she was SUCH a fame hog.. the other girls were right to leave the group she wanted allll the spotlight
    :nono:nono Actually do you know it's not ok to not like Beyonce, it's a criminal offense now.

    JK Lol, everyone has different tastes.

    But i wanted to add i don't think she's a fame hog, she's just the lead singer, the lead singer usually get's more attention, ala Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey ect.

    Plus Kelly and Michelle have there own successfull C.D's and movies so it's all good.

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    brenna, I have the same taste about Justin Timberlake as you.

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    Justin Timberlake - He was pelted with water bottles at the stones- AC/DC concert in Toronto, which is as it should be
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    Moon Skin Child
    God BLESS Toronto AC DC/Stones fans....

    pinkieparrot, I have a friend who would beat the shit out of you if you said that Good Charlotte were posers in front of her... I'm a fan of them, but I'm not a BIG fan. I much prefer the older bands...AC DC, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, etc...they rule the universe! I must get Velvet Underground CDs....Lou Reed rocks...

    Avril? Poser. Nuff said.

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    Pink Floyd - The best concert they did was the Wall concert in Berlin where everybody sang their songs , with them backing.
    I still play Van Morrison singing comfortably Numb a lot ..

    Oh yeah bad - Celine and Shania sorry but they give our country a bad name ...

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    Backstreet Boys - Just split up... I'm sick of boybands already...

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    Oh, you going to diss my boy Justin?
    Go right ahead!
    Remember when he was in 'n sync, he had curly platinum blonde hair? Well, with his singing voice, I called him my little
    I was left out of a 'N sync party because I didn't like Justin

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    Moon Skin Child
    I HATE THEM ALL! My friend used to like Joey Fatone...
    My choice was Lance Bass...

    I faked liking them so my friends would quit asking me! I LOATHED THEM WITH A PASSION...

    When they broke up, I was like this..

    Rock is the way to go.

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    Well first off I am going to say I am a guy. Here are my picks:

    Christina Aguilera -- HOT! Her new CD is good if you would all listen to it
    Britney Spears -- I don't like her music much but...HOT!
    Justin Timberlake -- This guy can sing no matter what anyone can say, his CD is also very good...and personally I am jealous of him, look at the girls he is getting: Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, now Cameron Diaz

    The bands/singers I cannot stand are:

    Avril Lavigne - Although knockin on heavens door is a good song, the rest suck though
    Whoever sings that "Bye Bye Boyfriend song" her voice makes me want to kill myself
    Missy Elliot -- Don't think she is that good at all
    Ashanti -- I don't think she is that bad but that Aww Baby song is so damn repititive
    Beyonce -- That new Sean Paul song is good but she turned into a slut...she is damn hot...but she should've stuck with her whole proper image, Crazy in Love is the worst song of hers EVER!!!!

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    Norah Jones
    J. Lo

    Just to name a few.
    "Blindsided, oh, friendship blindsided you're going home, home!" -Paul BB18

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