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Thread: Wedding Songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewelsy
    No, it's not the same soing. PLUS -- I MESSED UP!!! The name ofthe song is 'Maybe' I'm Amazed, not 'Baby' I'm Amazed.
    That is one of my all-time favorite songs Jewelsy. And has some of the best quitar soloing in it too. Wonderful song.

    Paul originally wrote that song for Linda and after she died, whenver he would play that song in concert he would play a montage of photos showing her, them together etc. on the jumbo screens.

    Now he dedicates the song to his new wife. I dont nessesarily agree with that - but hey its his song.

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    My wife and I had our first dance at our wedding to the "Hawaiin Wedding Song" sung By Elvis. We got engaged in Hawaii and it was magical and that song has such positive and romantic messages. And we both love Elvis. LOL

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    I was a wedding planner too, so I heard some pretty bad stuff but the craziest wedding music was at my own wedding. I am prepared to be made fun of but I don't care. We loved it.

    First of all, it was an outdoor wedding (don't want anyone to think we did this in a church )

    As the guests were being seated we played several lesser known pieces from the original Star Wars soundtrack (I'm not making this up). We also played Every Little Thing (police) and Rainbow Connection (from the Muppets, Kermit specifically) My groom then played "Wonderful Tonight" on guitar and sang it to me. I walked up the aisle to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Then, we used the awards ceremony march at the end of the original Star Wars as our recesssional. We had the coolest music ever
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    My brother and his wife used "At Last" by Etta James... It was really beautiful! They took a ballroom dancing class beforehand, so it helped that they looked like a couple of pros out there...

    At my oldest Sister's wedding, years ago, the Priest pulled out his guitar and sang "The Wedding Song" by Paul Stookie (of Peter, Paul and Mary fame) during the ceremony. They were literally moved to tears...
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