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Thread: The Challenge: Rivals 3

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    The Challenge: Rivals 3

    On Wednesday, November 4th, 26 cast members traveled from LA to Huatulco, Mexico to compete in the latest season of the challenge, Rivals 3. This time the pairings will be co-ed as each player will be paired up with someone of the opposite sex that they've had some sort of argument/disagreement with in the past. Here are the teams:

    Wes (RW Austin) & Nany (RW Las Vegas 2)
    Johnny "Bananas" (RW Key West) & Sarah (RW Brooklyn)
    KellyAnne (RW Sydney) & Jamie (Bloodlines)
    Camila (Spring Break Challenge) & Tony (RW Skeletons)
    Leroy (RW Las Vegas 2) & Averey (RW Portland)
    Jessica (RW Portland) & Johnny (RW Portland)
    Ashley (RW Ex-Plosion) & Cory (RW Ex-Plosion)
    Jenna (RW Ex-Plosion) & Vince (Bloodlines)
    Thomas (RW Ex-Plosion) & Simone (AYTO?: Season 1)
    Christina (AYTO?: Season 2) & Nathan (AYTO?: Season 2)
    Brandon (AYTO?: Season 2) & Briana (AYTO?: Season 2)
    Dario (AYTO?: Season 2) & Nicole (Bloodlines)
    Cheyenne (AYTO?: Season 3) & Devin (AYTO?: Season 3)

    Here's a link that talks about the tragic incident discussed in the season 27 thread
    2 Killed When MTV Helicopter Crashes in Argentina Reservoir - ABC News

    Filming will end sometime this week. The season will air sometime in 2016
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    Re: The Challenge: Rivals 3

    I just don't like that is seems they are repeating so much of the Bloodlines cast almost as if they did it on purpose.

    Johnny and Sarah when she said she was retiring?
    No goat killers on my island.

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