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Thread: the Hills

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    the Hills

    I just found this site.....i'm 59....and I wish they'd bring back the HILLS...where are reality stars now....yes...Heidi and spence are now living in the real world, Laura is successful, writing and designing, Adrena is who's knows still trying to get into the movie world, and lets not forget the hateful
    girl who kept getting Port's way....I can't believe it forgot their names.

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    Re: the Hills

    I used to watch The Hills too. And before that Laguna Beach.

    I thought it was rather entertaining at the time. I'm not sure if it would work again though. It seems that most of the characters are much different now. Heidi and Spence seemed to really go down a dark path. When watching the show, I never guessed that Heidi was so insecure and desperate. Even she admits she messed up her body.

    I think Brodie Jenner is still available. Besides guesting on KUWTK, I don't think he does much.

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    Re: the Hills

    Oh I watched them all as well from Laguna Beach to The Hills to even that one season of Newport Beach!!!

    Season after season I tuned it. Even watching Audriana and her show with her family as well as Whitney Port and her NYC show.

    BUT its all over now.

    So many are married now. LO, LC, Heidi, Kristin C etc etc.

    But it was so much fun back in the day watching.

    ESP living here in So CALI!!!!

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    Re: the Hills

    Every now and then MTV (or maybe it's VH1) reruns these series, and I watched them for the first time just this year. And I enjoyed the shows very much, and think that they held up pretty well, even though they were all fimed a number of years ago. I had heard of Heidi and Spencer, but never really knew the back story about them. And I knew even less about the other cast members of the shows. The only person I really 'knew' was Whitney Port because I was a huge fan of the NYC fashion based show she starred in a few years later, "The City."

    Now it's kind of fun to hear, from time to time, about what they're doing in their lives.

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