The next challenge has begun filming. On August 7th, 26 people departed for Panama to compete in the latest season of the challenge, which appears to be Battle of the Exes 2. Each person will paired up with someone of the opposite sex who they have dated or hooked up with in the past. Here is this seasons cast/pairings:

Wes (RW Austin) & Theresa (Fresh Meat 2)
CT (RW Paris) & Diem (Fresh Meat)
Johnny "Bananas" (RW Key West) & Nany (RW Las Vegas 2)
Sarah (RW Brooklyn) & Jordan (RW Portland)
Jonna (RW Cancun) & Zach (RW San Diego 2)
Jemmye (RW New Orleans 2) & Knight (RW New Orleans 2)
Dustin (RW Las Vegas 2) & Jessica (RW Portland)
Leroy (RW Las Vegas 2) & Nia (RW Portland)
Averey (RW Portland) & Johnny (RW Portland)
Hailey (RW Ex-Plosion) & Thomas (RW Ex-Plosion)
Jay (RW Ex-Plosion) & Jenna (RW Ex-Plosion)
Adam (Are You The One?) & Brittany (Are You The One?)**
JJ (Are You The One?) & Simone (Are You The One?)**

**In a shocking twist, this season will feature 4 players who from another MTV show called "Are You The One?"

This season will most likely air later this year or in early 2015