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Thread: RW/RR Challenge - The Island

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    Re: RW/RR Challenge - The Island

    KellyAnne I hope you can learn from watching yourseld how stupid you acted being completely drunk on the reunion show. The most interesting item I saw was Ryan saying how malicious you could be to other girls. The way he was saying it was really heartfelt and real and I believe it. Put a mirror up to your face girl and soon you need a reality check.

    Ev looked gorgeous.

    I did like some of the comments about Dunbar, Dave and Tyrie that the others said. I did get the impression that Tyrie talks alot but cannot back up the majority of what he says. He has been terrible on all the challenges so far. I do look forward to the next challenge but hope it is not in the island format. I also must say I like Kenny alot more than Johnny for the simple fact he can admit he was a jerk, he did throw Paula under the bus and he did publicly apologize to her even if he had done it in private he did have the balls to do in in front on the camera which is much more than Johnny can do.

    I am so proud of Derrick, he was so out of control with the alcohol and he so far is the only person on all these show besides Sarah from Road Rules and Gauntlet (was it 1 or 2) who has matured, shown personal growth and I like and respect.
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    Re: RW/RR Challenge - The Island

    I never liked Paula and didn't feel bad for her in the end. Ha Ha! KellyAnne should be in therapy. Dumbar said it best. 'KellyAnne acts drunk even when she isn't'. So true. Cuckoo! Good for Ev although her style and voice are annoying. Johanna big teeth and speech- Grrrr- irritating. Grow those bangs out too. She looked a mess. Kenny looked better on the island. Johnny- get over yourself. You are not hot and that jersey accent- yuck! and learn a new phrase besides ' you stupid b....'. Sucky season.... sucky reunion..... even suckier reunion host.
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