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Thread: The Hills

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    I took it as Lauren being fed up with Heidi. She crashed he party (eventhough Lauren still let her in) and now she is blowing off school. She may be realize that she and Heidi have less in common than she thought and that Heidi may turn out to be more baggage for her. I was surprised to hear Lauren call Heidi her "best friend" in the opening credits. I miss Lo.

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    Lauren was kinda mean to Heidi. She's suppose to be Heidi's friend and I think its kinda messed up how she just hung up on Heidi like that.

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    I think if I was Lauren, I would as fed up with Heidi as she is right now. It's only human to get annoyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KELBEL View Post
    Last night's eposide makes it lool like Lauren is jealous of Heidi because of her new job.... I mean why did she hang up on Heidi
    i dont see it as jealous, but as Lauren cares for Heidi and she doesn't want her to fail. If Heidi quits school and continues her Bolton job, what if she gets fired. She has nothing to go back to. And plus, she didn't attempt really to give her classes a chance. thats my take on it

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    Yeah Lauren doesnt seem like the jealous type, but to me that episode made her seem that way.
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    I think she hung up on Heidi because she was just frustrated and annoyed...I mean her friend is about to quit school for that job, and she knows that Heidi has no work ethic. I felt the same way when my best friend dropped out of college. I was annoyed that she wasnt thinking realistically. I dont think its about jealousy at all.

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    Heidi's whole "party, party, party" mentality certainly turns me off. She doesn't realize that without her education she wont have much to fall back on if she gets fired.
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    Didn't one of the previews show a guy telling Heidi, "if you're coming to work, I need you to work"? So, like someone said, Heidi doesn't seem to have any work ethic. Maybe Lauren saw that coming? Heidi seems to think that she gets to party because she's going to plan parties. I would be annoyed too.

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    It's actually nice to see Jason there, I always love it when people come back. I hate it like when there's a totally new cast. xD But I actually love the new people. It's nice that Lauren is going through the intern thing with someone else.

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    I only saw the last part of this episode and I just have to laugh at the unparalleled stupidity of Heidi. The way she was telling LC over the phone about her job just sounded so stupid and naive. Not to mention that interview was pretty sad and I had to laugh when she said she was hard working. Yeah right. I bet you LC doesn't think she'll last for a minute doing actual work. However, I wouldn't have hung up, I've sat through some real stupid rants my friends before and always resisted the urge to hang up.

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