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Thread: Making the Band 3 (MTV)

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    My fave girls include:


    I hope this thing works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisastory
    There he is, lying on the sofa, looking for all the world like a ghetto Jabba the Hutt.

    What happened to the girls tonight?? They all sounded off! I just started watching this show last night and I'm hooked.

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    I think Michelle's group was flat and I think Aubrey's group was fierce. I want the single!!!!!

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    Aubrey's group was the best of the bunch but i'll have to watch the repeats tomorrow/during weekend because i missed francesca's group and the last performance.
    Patty looked beautiful! Her legs looked quite slim and she just killed in that suit.
    Again, Aubrey, take off the hooker thigh highs. Other than that, i loved that groups song.
    Next week looks interesting and everyone is clashing with levonté (sp?) This chick is going home!
    Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need someone to lean on

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorkles
    I think Michelle's group was flat and I think Aubrey's group was fierce. I want the single!!!!!
    I agree. I like that one and that other group with Avril 2.0 (Bethany?). Well, I loved their songs but wasn't keen on the performances tonight. HOpefully they'll only get better.

    Lavantae is a DRAMA QUEEN. They really need to get rid of her...

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    Did any one else want to slap Lavantrae, what an ugly personality. Kick the bitch out.

    Sorry Michelle left, should have taken a leave of absense from school. This girl had potential but even at 18, 19 or 20 you can only go so far on 3 hrs of sleep every night.

    17 girls left when are they going to start cutting????

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    this show is funny, still waiting on the fights though...hopefully next week

    i don't understand though how someone expects to be in a 'pop' group and can't learn dance steps

    lavantae plays the 'bitch of the house' role so well

    that girl that left for school wasn't that pretty or sung that well imo, so i think she made the right decision (she woulda got cut anyways i think)

    i liked the 3rd group that performed best...2 of the groups had some bad nursery rhyme lyrics

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    Aubrey's group really performed like a girl group, but the last one really looked more like a girl group, appearance-wise. I think it was the skirts and black tops. I'm sad that Michelle left. She was sad to be leaving, but school's expensive and the not knowing is killer. Lavantae needs to get her booty on out of the loft. Which looks like it will be soon, since she hits that other girl (Malika?) in the preview. Good! I was a little shocked that P. Diddy didn't say anything about her bitchy attitude, but I know he watches the tapes, so he knows...

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    ^^ that's not Malika that she hits, but Malika is the one she is arguing w/ over the phone, the girl who tells Levantae to get her hands outta her face, i can't remember her name but it starts w/ a L, i think it might be Lachay....

    to michelle for going back to school, cuz even if she makes the group there's no guarentee that anything good will happen (remember Da Band) so i think it's best that finish school, and i thought Aubrey shouldn't be calling Michelle stupid just cuz she didn't wanna drop out like her.

    And i think Aubrey's group had the best song, but i still hate how they expect these girls to come up w/ this great choreography, but w/e we'll see what's in store for next week.

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    Hey Guys.

    I'm a newbie to "Making The Band". Just started watching last week and didn't know this thread existed.

    Jason was evil. I'm sure there's some truth in the rumors flying around about the producers asking him to create some *drama* in the house. I didn't like the conflict, though, and almost stopped watching because of him.

    I'd like to slap Lavantrae upside the head. She has some major entitlement issues going on.

    Sad to see Michelle leave. Bless her heart for trying to go to school AND "Making The Band", but that's just unrealistic and too taxing. My thought on this is her education can be put on hold for a year or two. It doesn't appear as if she's on a scholarship (seems like her parents pay), so she wouldn't lose that. It's been a *dream* of hers for quite some time, and I think the possibilities of this ever happening to her again are slim to none... selected from 1000's to appear on television with the opportunity of winning a singing/dancing contract with Diddy. On the flip side, she can go back to school ANYTIME.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'm as old if not older than Michelle mother, BUT I don't understand the whole "hurry up and go to school" concept. I mean, if she takes a couple of years off school to fulfill a dream... a dream that *probably* won't ever present itself to this degree again... GO FOR IT! It seems like she'd be able to accomplish BOTH dreams... school AND singing/dancing.

    Just my opinion. If there's something I'm NOT getting, I'd love to know. Had I been Michelle mom, I would have encouraged her to go for it. If she lost, what is she out? A year? A semester? It seems like Michelle is a very level-headed kid and wouldn't *blow off* school indefinitely.
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