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Thread: RR/RW: The Inferno 2

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    I watched this episode today and let me just say that although I like the reunions, I like these kind of specials MUCH better because the contestants are willing to just say anything about anyone. I was a bit surprised that Jodi and Brad were there since they both went fairly early, but I was glad to see them both. I liked how Rachel said that she was equally mad at Tina as she was at Tonya and then said, "Better practice running, Tina or I'll vote you off the next challenge!" or something like that. Too bad you're not on the next one, Rachel.

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    i missed the reunion show, but i thought this season got interesting, esp toward the end.

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    Hate the Three witches

    Quote Originally Posted by Marley View Post
    Beth S. must be pushing 40 by now.
    Julie looks terrible with blonde hair!
    I can not stand the 3 evil girls...Tina,Rachel,and Veronica and how terrible they treat Tonya..I would love to run into them sometime and give them a peice of my mind..especially TINA!!!!

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