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Thread: The Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica-New Season

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    ...leave it to Q You're too funny, punkin.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamiLee
    hey to each his own. I think Nick is hot!!!!!!!! I wish he'd keep his shirt off on every show......... ------------I like Jessica but, when she sings she looks like she's gonna seize.....(sorry) she does though......twitchin an stuff.....Nick (IMO) has a beautiful voice. And I said it before in another post, I think they (maybe daddy simpson) make Nick look like a bum. Try to anyway.
    i totally agree with you. Nick is H.O.T. and seems like a sweet guy.
    I love jessica but seriously she's got to tone down on the facial movement/expression when she sings.

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    I've watched Jessica sing especially closely after reading all the "seizure" posts. I don't see it. I see a young lady singing her heart out and putting her heart and soul into it. Just my opinion, I don't think she has a bad bone in her body, she seems incredibly sincere, and although she does play up the "naive factor," she has a great sense of humor and is able to laugh at herself.

    Okay, JD, enough of the love-fest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Then how do you explain Michael Jackson?

    (That was a rhetorical question, Michael Jackson defies explanation.)

    You don't (try to explain him)!
    I have learned that gifts don't always come wrapped and treasures aren't always buried.
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    What's the deal with that arrogant jerk who showed Nick and Jessica the house they'd rented? Geez, what a creep! He was oozing pompousness (is that a word?) the whole time he was walking them through the house, making snippy comments about the dog, about the hot tub, about the spare room. I mean, I'm sure Nick and Jess paid a fortune to rent that home for a short time, and it was advertized a certain way, yet a lot of things were wrong with it. The guy wouldn't admit fault. Instead, he picked at Nick and Jess. Gad, I hate guys like that! Nick's such a sweetheart, but I wished he'd have punched him in the snot box! I'd have raised hell if the hot tub didn't work!

    Cacee has ringworm? Eeewwwww!

    What a doll the chef was who cooked the New Year's Eve dinner! Just adorable.

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    I totally agree with you about the guy who showed them the house. First of all, you need to have better customer service skills. Second of all, you are on NATIONAL TV... even if you don't treat people better, at least do it because everyone you know is probably watching! Sheesh...

    "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
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    Us Weekly says Nick and Jessica have split

    Nick & Jessica: Is it Over?

    October 5, 2005
    Is it really over for "Newlyweds" couple JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY? According to this Friday's issue of Us Weekly the popular twosome, who have been shooing away break up rumors for the past year, are no longer together. But Nick's representative tells ET that the reports are "not true."

    In a joint statment on behalf of Nick and Jessica his rep says: "Nick and Jessica have not separated. Rumors to the contrary are simply not true."

    The pair were last seen together publicly on September 11 when they sang a duet at an NFL football game. According to the magazine, rumors of a split started to swirl again when Jessica arrived solo (and without her wedding ring) to her sister ASHLEE's 21st birthday in Las Vegas last weekend and Lachey, who was scheduled to be there, was a no-show.

    Us Weekly sources also claim it was her ego, her partying and her dad that drove the couple, who will celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary on October 26, apart. Just days ago, while talking about her new body care collection "Sweet Kisses," available at Wal-Mart, Jessica spoke with ET's CHRISHAUNDA LEE, offering marriage advice.

    "I think you have to always remember, and he has to remember, that you do need a compromise, even though it's hard," she said.

    She admitted though, that sometimes strong personalities can get in the way of marital negotiations. "There's people with pride involved," she says. "You have to back down sometime -- just a little bit."

    For more on the Nick and Jessica split speculations, watch tonight's ET.

    Do you think this time it's for real? US Weekly is pretty reputable isn't it?

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    Just another rumor...they're not splitting.

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    US Weekly has been pretty fast at releasing gossip this past few years.

    However, if and when they split, I will NOT be surprised.

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    If there is one magazine that is pure fiction... its US Magazine. The only good thing about US Magazine is the color pictures. If I want to read good gossip... I read People.

    What I do recall the most... about the accurate reporting that US Magazine is known for... *cough*... that they never once notice that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had been seperated for 6 months. And the weekend the couple went with their close friends to Mexico to tell them they were divorcing... US Magazine splashed their "exclusive" how Brad and Jen were pregnant. HAHAHAHAHA!

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